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Need Advice ASAP: About to Adopt

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Hello cat-lovers,

I'm about to adopt a cat and I need some help. I've done a little bit of research but I think it's helpful to get feedback from cat owners who are experienced themselves.

My basic question is: I'm having trouble deciding what cat-breed I should adopt. I would love to live with a feline who shows a lot of love and loves getting love more than anything else. What type of cat generally shows that?

Aside from that, any advice on what to do, expect, prepare would be appreciated.

Thank u.

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Welcome to the site San! Regarding breeds, I'll move this to the Breeder's forum where they can weigh in on personality of breeds you can consider. My personal choice is for mixed-breed cats, but that's just because I have two that are pretty loving. They are the easiest to find, too.

I hope you find the information you are looking for, and I hope you stick around after you find the kitty who is right for you.
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Hi San!

In my humble opinion , the most affectionate cats I have ever encountered are orange tabby males. They are just bundles of love!

But more important than breed or color is how well they've been socialized. Ideally, kittens should be with their mothers and littermates for 10-12 weeks, for optimum socialization.

Why not go to a shelter/rescue and spend some time with adult cats? Their personalities are already developed, so you will be able to tell who is and is not friendly and affectionate. Check out www.petfinder.com for shelters and rescues in your area.

Keep us posted and good luck in your search!
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Hi San and welcome!

My Venus is a rescued, deaf kitten and Daisy was in a depression stage when she was adopted...

They are both very sweet, loving and happy.

i think it all depends on how you interact with your kitty.

Fostering might be the way to go in the beginning. Would you consider fostering? You can pick and choose your kitty while helping out the little furbabies!

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A good way to get to know the breeds a little more is to buy both the Kittens USA and the Cats USA magazines. The annuals go over a wealth of info and there's lots of pictures
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The best way to get a cuddly cat in my opinion is to go to a shelter and interact with the cats. My Max was only 3 months old when I rescued him. He was cuddly from the first moment I picked him up. He just loved being snuggled and three years later he still loves suggling. He gives me so much love that I've never regretted adopting him. It would not have mattered what he looked like, but he just happens to be a beautiful striped kitty.
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There are several breeds that are know for being cuddle bugs. I think ragdoll burmese and Persian are the top of my list. I raise persians so i am a little partial. Persians are labor intensive though so I listed Ragdolls first.
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Burmese are known to be very affectionate, I can certainly vouch for that with the Burmese I have, I find the male to be more smoochy (but not as smart) as the two girls, I've spoken to other people who seem to have the same experience. Devon Rexes are also affectionate cats too.

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Siamese love to cuddy and their belly rub's!
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I agree, Mom of 10 Cats! The sweetest, snuggliest kitties I have ever lived with have been orange tabby males. I just can't resist one.
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