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Originally Posted by RubSluts'Mommy View Post
You'd think the kids would be there to... oh, I don't know STUDY??? But no, they're not. They're usually walking home from school and this is a pit stop along the way... they may be letting their parents believe they're studying, but they're harassing us, other patrons, eating, throwing food, being loud an obnoxious... etc... they have no respect for the space and other people. I think they'll be adopting some stronger rules regarding Trespass. Their names will be going on a list, at the very least. There are legal issues with pictures and such... but we all know the repeat offenders... it's a small town.
Right, but this sound can be heard by everyone under 25ish, including all the children and teenagers who are coming there for good reasons.

My point isn't that anyone should encourage these particular children to come, but rather that they should be dealt with without punishing every library patron under 25.
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When I worked in a library I had kids scratching on the windows with rocks, riding their bikes in the library, all kinds of things.
The parents act like they care when you call them, but they don't do anything to change their kids behaviour.
The sad thing is that all the kids would come into the library because there were gangs of bigger teens/young adults in the park across the road and the library was the only place the kids had to go where they felt safe.
Many of them were chucked out of the house on Saturdays and told not to come back until 4 o'clock. There is nothing to do in the local area unless you go to the park, and the gangs would pick on them if they did that.
I still didn't want them defacing the library, but we learned to put up with them, and only called the police a few times.
Obviously the mosquito is not the answer, unless they want visitor numbers to plummet.
If the parents put in more of an effort the mosquito wouldn't have been invented.
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I would think many women, no matter their age, could hear that frequency.

Stupid guys like me, who stand next to noisy machines and drive other noisy machines, don't have a chance.
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