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Nova's Chicken Livers

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I bought some "Chicken and Chicken Liver" flavored food for Nova.
(It's actually got pieces of chicken, and little chicken livers.)

When I came home tonight, I pulled some out of the fridge to let it warm up... but Nova was making such a fuss that I gave in and gave it to her cold.
I was surprised when I saw her eating it, because I thought it might be too cold for her.

Well, I was right.
She ate the chunks of chicken meat, but...

She pulled the chicken livers out of the bowl, played with them, and left them all over the living room floor.
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I had some ocean seafood stuff, all my cats did was lick up the gravy part, and did much the same with the big first part.

i walked into fish parts all over the kitchen floor
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When I give in to mine I always pay a hefty price.
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last night i got some fries from mcds and gave some to chloe. she'd get about a cm eaten and drop it in the floor. instead of getting off my lap to get it, she wanted another. so i'd giver her one. we went thru about 5 or 6 fries until she finally ate a whole one lol.
patchy had been on my bed asleep and smelled the food. she jumped on the couch by mom who held her big mac out for her to smell and asked if she wanted a bite. she meant "do you want me to tear a little piece off?" not "feel free to take a bite" which is what she did LOL

i tore a little piece of my chicken sandwhich off for each of them and put it in floor. when i got up, there were fries, bread and chicken EVERYWHERE this morning hahahahaha
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