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So my boys are still fighting after 4 months of living together (compelty expected)

Right now it seems that Gizmo approaches Chestnut to play, and Chestnut is not into the idea of playing and starts getting agressive.

My question is, the fights between them for the last two weeks ahve been much shorther in duration... but much more intense, is this normal? Should we continue to let them duke it out or shold we now step in and split them up because of the intensity. The spats are lasting less than one min at this point and they will have 1 to 2 a night.
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Are they neutered yet (don't know how old they were when you got them). If not they should asap. If they are, maybe just wait and see.
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They are both neutered, I got Gizmo at age 2.5 and Chestnut at age 5.5 I got them both around Late December/Early January (first Chestnut, 1mo later Gizmo)
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it took almost 18mos for mine to quit fighting. they still have their spats. they actually sat on my lap together yesterday they didnt touch or relax tho. that would be too much to ask for
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my rb cat janet would pick fights with my other (some rb) cats for almost the whole of the 5 years i had him. particularly with tabitha. i would intercept as much as possible but he was a real bully with her at times. we got milo for him as a distraction after losing 2 other cats, and that worked really well.

milo put all his attention on tabby when janet (who was his best buddy) died last october. we made the decision to get another kitten, younger than him, to hopefully become his playmate again. shinobi (4 months younger than milo) is absolutely perfect for him. the 2 of them thunder around together and generally keep each other amused.

you seem to be in a similar situation, would another cat be an option? a playmate for gizmo?
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I don't step into the fights until there is actual bloodshed.
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Thanks for the advice everyone!
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