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My mom has surgery on Friday!

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My mom, who is 44 and has a bunion on her right foot, was told by her doctor that she wouldn't have surgery for at least a year. She also needs surgery on her right knee, but we don't know when that will be.

We got a phone call today and there was a cancellation at the hospital, so my mom has (bunion removal) surgery in two days! She doesn't want to be put under, so she's a little freaked out. So am I! So if we could have some vibes for a good surgery and recovery, that would be great!
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Sending many vibes for your mom

Bunions run in my family and I think I will have to get one removed when I am older..I think I have the beginnings of one.
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I had foot surgery when I was 40 yrs young and it went ok-the recovery was tough but I had it in the winter-this time of year is a better time for that kind of surgery.

Hoping it goes well.
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Sending lots of vibes for your mom!
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Has she ever been under general anesthesia before? If so, it would be good if she could give the records of that procedure to this surgeon -- the information on what was used and how she responded might be helpful. Hope it all goes well!
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I hope it goes as well as it can!
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Sending tons of
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Mom had surgery at 1:45 today. One of my brothers, my dad and I went to visit her this evening. She was awake, a little light headed and woozy. The cast on her foot just looks like a slipper without a heel--no wires or screws that I can see. She called me about ten minutes ago and her blood pressure is low so the nurses are keeping an eye on it. Thanks for the vibes!
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Glad to hear it went well. Lots of speedy healing on their way!
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