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Six legged kitten

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Awww, a little six legged kitten! The owners are getting the extra legs removed. It's kind of cute watching the little kitty playing and climbing.
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He's so cute!
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Aww that kitten is so precious!!! That's pretty insane, those extra legs/part of the body. Doesn't seem to bother him any!
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he's a cute little kitten! It intresting to watch him walk, the 2nd kitten just hangs, like there is no feeling. It may be deseced, in which case it would be in the best intrest for the live kitten if it is removed.
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Awwww that's heartbreaking - it actually made me get all teary. I was expecting an extra couple of little legs, not an entire half a kitten attached to it

I'm amazed the mother cat didn't just try to kill it once it was born. She seems pretty devoted
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awww poor thing
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aww bless!
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Oh, poor kitten. That looks like conjoined twins -- or twins that didn't separate completely. I hope they get the partial kitten removed!
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It is sad... but what a good momcat, not to reject the little fella! And he has such pretty eyes.
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I saw it on the news last night and it was another Kitten. They are removing that when he is older. Even the News people almost cried.
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