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Jack just put a hole in my hand!! Theres this game we play where ill hold his tail and move it from side to side... and he'll attack his tail as if hes chasing an animals or toy or something. Well I guess he got tired of it cause he all of a sudden grabbed my hand with full force with his front paws and squeezed... causing a nail to puncture deeper than usual!
All I could to was hold my hand still ((as directed on the sticky post)) till he tried to let go... I had to remove his nail from my hand.

My hand is still throbbing in pain ((this happened about 3min ago)) and has the hole... and it hurts!
I guess no more of that game... he didnt need to try and kill me though! usually he'll just play scratch me to let me know hes done playing then the game is over.
((Oh and his breath/spit smells really bad!!))
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Wash it well and put on lots of Polysporin (though it may be rather late), cat bites can be quite troublesome if not taken care of.
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Oh I know... a couple yrs back I was attacked by a Cat while a Dog attacked me and the Cat... my arm got ripped apart basically ((ive still got the scars))... my mom was so afraid I got Cat Scratch Fever... I didnt but im aware of it.
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