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new cat tree

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hi everyone

We bought our cats (Nelson and Zoe) a new cat tree yesterday and they just love it!! I have attached some photo's for you.

Although they do tend to keep fighting over who is going to sit on the very top perch...
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more photo's
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and more
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last one...
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Looks like the kitties really like it! Thanks for sharing pics, we always love those.

I'm moving this out to The Cat Lounge where everyone can see the kitties' new toy.
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Great pix! You should send this to Anne for the Caption This Picture forum! It looks like you've got some rambuncious kitties on your hands!
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I love your Siamese!
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Great pics!! I'd say they approve of the purchase!
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thanks for your replies

sorry about posting in the wrong spot - whoopsie!!

Sherral46, nelson and zoe are burmese kitties - not siamese.

yes, they are very rambunctious and love to play. Up until now we have only had a scratching pole (about a foot tall), which is not nearly as fun.

Both of them seem to love their new toy/perch. I think that they really like the view out of the window from the tallest level.
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Don't you love the attitude they get when they get a new toy that they like? LOL!!

Very Cute!!

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i am so happy for your kitties!

Cats love elevation!

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Sorry. They Look somewhat Siamese.
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no apologies needed Sherral46 - I think that most oriental cats look similar and I would have trouble telling one from another!!

I didn't mean to seem at all rude...
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Really cute!
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Awww! It looks like they're really enjoying their new toy!
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Awww! They looks very very very happy to have their new cat tree!! They are sooo adorable!

Great pictures!!!
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Ohh I love it! These are soo cute!!
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I love that scratching post. I've been looking around at various post ideas since I'll be making one this summer for my cat. I really like the layout of this one!

Your cat's look like they really enjoy it!

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Your cats are beautiful! They look like they're having fun! Your cats also look like their huge!
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awww cute!!
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