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Hmmmm. I actually am having a hard time coming up with an answer. At first I was going to say Sox because she is so spoiled, but I think Wesley would be the top cat of our house. He is the older one. It seems like he is the one who teaches Sox a lot and and if she ever gets out of line, he will teach her who's boss!
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Here, it's the Diva Etcetera D'Calico that is top cat, without a doubt. What she says goes. As for the bottom, it's actually kind of hard to say. Hobo Skimbleshanks could probably take anyone in the house if he wanted to fight about it, but he is so totally laid back that he doesn't care who's in charge or what his own standing is. He just wants someone to wrestle and snuggle with, and he's happy
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Ever since Fred went to the Bridge, we really don't seem to have an alpha. He was top cat for 18 years, and ruled the house with a loving attitude, and only if necessary, an iron paw, raising any little stray that came along, he even brought home a couple of orphans. He "mothered" them and taught them to be good kitties. Ever since he has been gone, my kitties are brats, but nobody is in charge.
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My cats don't really have a hierarchy... Sneakers is the senior cat in the house and she basically just wants the kittens (and dogs) to leave her alone and stay away. She will hiss and swat the kittens if they come too close, and the kittens will roll over and flatten out on their backs and stay there when she does that, so I guess you could say she is the boss, but really she just wants everyone to keep far away from her! It's different from when we had our last cat, Sylvia. Sylvia also wanted to be left alone but she was very much the queen of the household as well as being solitary... Sneakers doesn't have that same "air" of "everyone should bow down to me!" that Sylvia had.

The kittens are pretty evenly matched. Church is a little older, a little larger and plays more roughly but Rorschach can usually hold her own... They take turns in who is chasing whom and who is on top when they're wrestling. There is really no way to say who is "higher" with the two.
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We have 2 cats. Right now Charlie is more or less the dominate one, but Ling is far from being submissive to him. She would like to be top cat but he's stronger and more persistant.

Will be interesting next spring with Jack - then it will be 2 Oci males. I think Charlie was the dominate one in the litter. Will have to ask Jack's breeder how dominate he is
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Originally Posted by rescuecatsrule View Post
I was just wondering this.

Who is the top cat and who is the bottom cat in your household?

I've only got the one cat so I can't answer (without the answer being obvious )

When I say multicat I mean 2 or more cats living in the same house.

I guess the one year old cat is the "top" cat. He just had his first birthday this past Sunday.
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Stanley is... as of now. But I have a feeling once Raymond gets bigger he'll take over!
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Great Thread!! Sliver is the queen & Snowball is the king. They are both # 1.
The bottom ones are the 3 kittens...Everyone is in order of when we adopted them
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tabitha being both female and a tortie is top cat. she will tell the boys in no uncertain terms when they have pushed their luck! i'm glad though cos for 5 years janet was the boss and although i wish so much that he was still with me, his passing has seen tabby gain newfound confidence.

i would be tempted to say that milo is next but when him and shinobi are eating, shinobi will push him out of the way to get at his bowl. and that surely is a dominance thing.

2nd shinobi

3rd milo

4th my husband
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Peekaboo is definitely in charge. He's the oldest, the biggest, the only male, and he's been with me the longest. He does what he wants and Skittles doesn't even try to go against him. She's too sweet to argue with that bossy bully. xD
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I have 2 kitties.

Chynna who is going to be 16 years old next month, and Abby who will be 10 on June 19th.

Chynna is definitely top cat in the house, but I trump both of them!
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I don't know that we have a top cat.....I would say Enzo....but.....hmmmm. It's LEYA!!!! I forgot how bossy she can be. She has every one of us trained, it's her way or the highway! She's not aggressive, but she'll growl and get ticked off if things aren't going her way. Not too mention she'll wack one of the other cats when they walk by her in a bad mood! Oh....and Leya is our blind kitty!

Stuart is deffinitely the bottom cat. He's so nice and sweet and just lays around being fat and happy
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My three take turns. They all nudge each other out when they want to be on someone's lap. The one on the lap will be joined by one of the others, who will start licking and grooming until the "lickee" can't take it anymore and has to leave.
I'll see Sam chasing Clio or Pru, only to see them chasing him on the return trip.
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Since we are a true multicat home- the alpha depends on what room we are in. In the kitchen and dining room, Matuse and Dobby are alpha.

In the living room- Twirl is alpha on one side of the room- Rocky on the other side. In the master bedroom Guinevere is alpha- upstairs guarding "HER" stairs and cubbyhole is Madison. In the computer room-Toots reigns supreme and in the cat room-I am alpha- That is the one room where I refuse to relinquish control of.
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Delilah was an "only" cat for her first 3 years, and I think she is still offended at the idea of having to share space with other cats! She reigns as Kitty Supreme. She eats first (although she does make allowances for kittens who haven't learned manners yet), but really her only other demands are that the other cats stay away from her.

But now that Piper is a year old, her tortitude is definitely coming out! I think she will be giving Delilah a run for her money for the top kitty position. Right now she is definitely #2.

Blue is a peace-loving kitty. I guess I would say she's on the bottom of the totem pole, but none of the other cats pick on her or anything. She just always patiently waits her turn for just about everything! She is also my only cat who is a big climber, so most of the high perches in the house belong only to her.

I'm not sure yet where Bastian and Griffin will fall in. They are both pretty laid back, although Bastian definitely has more of a devilish streak than his brother. At 7 months old, though, Griffin is already as large as Delilah, and bigger than all the other cats in the house. It will be interesting to see how the kitty dynamics evolve as they grow up!
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hehe, my order is:





LOL, the order i got them in!
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Originally Posted by strange_wings View Post
I honestly do not know. Neither one of them are truly dominate or submissive. Both completely defer to me, so maybe I've upsurped that position somehow? ie - if they're arguing over who gets to sit in a particular chair I will push them both out of it and sit in the chair myself. Maybe my two are odd?
Im in the same situation lol. Though occasionally Wicked will get bossy with the boys. So I think it goes Me, Wicked, Quincy, and Smidgeon.
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They haven't really decided who is top cat yet but Dusty is the "instigator" and Rusty is the "follower", so maybe Dusty is the top cat even though she is smaller than Rusty.
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I can't tell who is top cat in our house. At first glance, you would assume Bitsy is because she's such a B**** to everybody but I've seen instances where my tiny little Mia paws her out of the way and steals the box to sleep in. Other times I've seen Mia assume the submissive position. Marble largely just avoids Bitsy, if there's any interaction, it's usually a hiss/claw and then quickly walks away. Between Mia and Marble...I again don't know. I've seen both be dominant and submissive in different situations.
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Well not sure who is in charge in our house deffinatly not me though!!.We have 3 cats and a greyhound well the dog isnt in charge,the cats think nothing of stealing food of her,she tends to mother them.Out of the 3 cats left Tibby is the eldest shes a tortie but is quite chilled and just likes to be left alone.Barnaby does push to the front at mealtimes,but he is such a softy and often comes running to me crying for a cuddle if someone upsets him,so that leaves Pooh bear she is the youngest but my word is she feisty!!! she is a tortie through and through!!! she actually talks to the other animals and i dont know what she says but she always gets her way toys,treats fuss lol She is a princess!!! Which i find funny shes the smallest and yougest but deffinatly rules this house!! Along with my 6 yr old daughter
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Luna is one year older and she is in charge becasue she is prettier, smarter, and faster than Smokey and BAMF who we call the troubled twins because they're brothers and they're a bit slow. They all got along great until recently, and I'm not sure why it started, but Luna is really mad at the boys and has taken her dominance to a new level, and she doesn't get over a grudge quickly.
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