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Shelter volunteers?

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Hey, I'm currently writing a paper on why people should spay and neuter their animals.

Is anyone a shelter volunteer who would be willing to answer a few questions? That would really be wonderful.. Let me know! Thanks!
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I'd be quite happy to help!
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I'd be happy to help - I'm employed in a rescue centre where I deal mainly with the ferals, but am also involved with the housecats.
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I no longer work for a shelter but used to be an animal control officer. I now have a small rescue group. I'd be happy to help!
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I am secretary of the local humane society...let me know if I can be of any help!
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Oh wow, that'd be fantastic to have a compilation of sources like this!

Well, there's a lot to ask..
I'll need to know your names(you don't have to give me last here, private works too, but if that makes you uncomfortable that's fine as well. I'm just trying to have proper citations.. stupid MLA format!) and the shelters where you work.

Should I ask questions here or in PMs?
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PMs is probably best, IMO.
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PM me too.

We are having a big spay / neuter education event over the next couple of weeks so I will try and get ecopies for that for you too
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I foster pregnant cats, nursing moms, and orphaned kittens from our local no-kill, I would love to help too if you still need more.
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I'm also a shelter volunteer... I'd be happy to answer some questions... just PM me...

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I am a fosterer, and did write an article about mammary cancer - it is in here somewhere.
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I am involved with two dog rescue organizations (beagles and greyhounds) and have done work for Ruff Spots which is an organization that does not do anything hands on with animals,but does fundraising and stuff to raise money to spay/nueter cats and dogs in shelters/rescue.They promote spay/neuter as well...and recently started a new program where they help low income families spay/neuter their pets.

So you can PM me too and I can answer questions.
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I'm a shelter volunteer in France and used to work to rescue and rehome street cats in Bosnia, if you want a European angle. And the Bosnians do NOT believe in neutering!
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I can help- I've been volunteering at a no-kill shelter for about a year and work with the cats.
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I worked at a county shelter for a year in Oregon. PM me and I'll be glad to answer your questions.
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I no longer work at a shelter, but did for two years, and I'm starting to do feral cat TNR. Feel free to ask me as well.
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