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Tell me about your wedding

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Just curious to know for those of you who are married...how was your wedding? Big or little? Expensive or inexpensive? Location? Alcoholic or non alcoholic?

Anything you share would be awesome
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I'm not married yet - can I share that?
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Are there wedding bells ringing in your head already??

My wedding is soon can i share mine too?
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Originally Posted by fwan View Post
Are there wedding bells ringing in your head already??

My wedding is soon can i share mine too?
No wedding bells yet..(we're not even engaged) but I am getting curious how to pull it off with minimal amounts of money.

Yes Fran please share your plans!!
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my wedding was small-medium, I had a about 150 people, most of whom were my mom and dad's friends We had my reception in my Aunt's backyard, so while we saved on hall rental, we did have to rent tents and tables and chairs. My Aunt's neighbor catered it, at a discount, my aunt's friend did my flowers, at a discount (notice a pattern here? )

We shopped around for DJs and photographers, and while we did not hire the cheapest folks, the people we did hire were excellent and well worth the price.

The thing that was splurged on was my dress, i never wanted to buy an expensive dress, but it just so happened that the first dress I tried on was perfect....and cost $1,000

Now, my parents paid for everything but the rehearsal dinner and the honeymoon (the honeymoon was almost as much as the whole wedding also well worth it though!) and I believe it came to around $7-8000
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Katie that sounds nice! $7000-$8000 seems very reasonable to me too. I want a nice wedding, but not a huge crazy wedding..because cost is a factor. Stupid cost

I don't even think I know 150 people Mine would be like 50 people I bet.
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Ours is currenlty well underway with the planning. We'll be about 80 people in total. We were planning on getting married in the English church in Copenhagen (www.st-albans.dk) but it seems that we'll have to have a civil service and then have a blessing in the church instead. It's all to do with restrictions they have as a guest church. Shame, but we can find a solution. We'll have the blessing, hire a canal boat for the wedding party and guests (which doesn't cost very much for an hour - about $320). The boat will drop us all off at our wedding reception location where we'll get dinner and cake!

I have three bridesmaids and two flowergirls and of course little Alex will be ringbearer. We've saved money by shopping around for things - I've handmade all of the invitations, and found a gown for about $1200. The bridesmaids are in deep red, pink and pale green (each wearing the same style dress, just in a different colour) and their dresses cost about $220 each. The flowergirls I'll worry about later. I'm going to invest in some silk flowers too... that way the girls can keep their dresses and shoes and flowers. Rune and I are having matching wedding rings in silver - instead of white gold - it looks exactly the same and doesn't lose it's colour so quickly.

Of course we will have champagne - but I don't know how much of anything else we'll provide. Probably wine over dinner... I can't say what Rune has arranged for himself and his best man and ushers.... probably not much yet! We've still got 16 months left to plan and pay for things. We started early so that we could have a good long run-up at it and therefore enjoy the day when it arrives. We have a lot of things in place already - just the major headaches - and the fiddly details can wait until later on.

We're planning on shopping around for the best deals we can get really - probably it will come to about 6-7000$.
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Originally Posted by fwan View Post
Are there wedding bells ringing in your head already??
my thoughts exactly!
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
Katie that sounds nice! $7000-$8000 seems very reasonable to me too. I want a nice wedding, but not a huge crazy wedding..because cost is a factor. Stupid cost

I don't even think I know 150 people Mine would be like 50 people I bet.
yeah, i don't know 150 people either, but my parents invited all their friends and I had family i didn't even know there! but since they paid for it they could invite anyone they wanted! Also forgot to mention that my wedding was alcoholic, but due to the fact that I didn't eat all day and then chugged the champagne in the limo following the ceremony, i was a bit green around the gills and didn't drink anything else

my wedding was great, too bad the marriage wasn't
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My Wedding had a about 30 people. It was in a Hotel and it was very Stormy. Over 30 people did not come. We had a DJ who is the Traffic Guy on Ktvu 2.
Some of you from the Bay Area know who he is. We had Sal Castaneda. We had Flowers and a Dedcation to my Mom. I can post some of our Wedding Pics if you want. My Color was Apple Red.
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Tiny - Married at the courthouse by a judge (she was nice, too) with just family present and family afterwards for a nice big dinner. Who needs catering? DH's grandmother is a wonderful cook!

And it was perfectly fine by me. Neither of us are religious so we did not want a church and minister, and we don't like big social events. DH, his father, and his mother drank a little. Best of all, no one got me into a dress.

Costs where just for the marriage license and the judge's time.
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Well Trav and I are having two engagement parties and two weddings.. whoo..

I have budgeted the engagement party in germany fully to the detail.
Firstly alcohol in germany is dirt cheap, 4 x 20 boxes of beer plus soft drinks and a heap of finger food for the party. I am making all by my self, which i have estimated 3 hours preparation time. (i work very fast in the kitchen)

Oh yes and dont forget the engagement cake too!
We are having the party in a park!

The second engagement party is held after our legal marriage at the registry office. Because this is held in australia and alcohol is much more expensive there Trav has decided that we invest roughly AUD$2,000 This is our biggest discussion because this is our party its not for his friends to enjoy the alcohol. Oh and we plan on doing this by the beach

We will be getting married this November at the registry office and then we will go out for a meal with his family afterwards.

The big celebration is next year, where all of my family will be arriving to Australia from Scotland and Italy and some friends from Germany. This will be held in Australia. I will be hiring a hall, table cloths, plates and cutlery and of course cups and doing everything else hand made. To cut down on costs. I will hire the hall out the day before so i can do everything in time. Yes i may have help from other people for the heavy stuff.
We will be looking at a caterer who will also be our waiters for the night ect. And if my friend does come down with her husband then he is going to be our DJ (in this case thank jesus that OUR parents are paying for most of the costs because we are looking at more than $5,000AUD)

I am also improvising on making the wedding cake, but i cant get the silly cake straight! It just has a lump at the top
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Wow Fran, that sounds like some work!! I'm also planning on making our wedding cake. I'll be doing it a couple of days before the big day and Rune and I will drive it out to the reception location outrselves. It will be three-tiered with each tier being a different flavour. We can rent a stand for not a lot of money. And ready-roll icing is my best friend. A length of red ribbon to go round the base of each tier, and a couple of silk roses for the top. Simple as that! And soooooo cheap!
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Originally Posted by LilleKat View Post
Wow Fran, that sounds like some work!! I'm also planning on making our wedding cake. I'll be doing it a couple of days before the big day and Rune and I will drive it out to the reception location outrselves. It will be three-tiered with each tier being a different flavour. We can rent a stand for not a lot of money. And ready-roll icing is my best friend. A length of red ribbon to go round the base of each tier, and a couple of silk roses for the top. Simple as that! And soooooo cheap!

Yeah thats what i am doing, but i think i have to order a couple of things from england because over here i cant find half of the stuff, i cant find cake holders or anything like that.

Although for our engagement I found this little bear wedding ornament and thats going on our cake
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My first wedding was in 1993 ...many moons ago, we had a sit down dinner for 350 peeps, and my parents paid 1/2 and my in laws paid 1/2 it was about $15,000-17,000 with everything. My inlaws paid for our 2 week honeymoon in Mexico! My first DH died in 1996

My 2nd wedding was in Puerto Rico in 1998 in a hotel...cost us nothing but to pay the man to marry us And the trip to Puerto Rico was a business expense
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Our wedding was fairly small and cheap! We had a really cool outside ceremony planned BUT terrible rain storms ruined that!! Talk about last minute plans...luckily we found a church that would allow us to have the wedding there!!

Forgot to add that my in laws paid for us to go on a honeymoon.
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I have to right about now...when my Bro & SIL got married, her dress cost more than the wedding ceremony!
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O.O Holy jebus, people! I wish my dad would pay for something like that!

When someday I contemplate marriage, I'm eloping. Seriously.
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This was 2nd marriage for both of us, so it was pretty inexpensive (we saved our money for a year to go to Hawaii for the honeymoon).

Long story, but we wound up with a judge. However, she was almost in tears as we made up our own vows and a lot of his family was there - judge said it was the biggest courtroom wedding she had seen.

We all went to a restaurant after for the reception. We paid for our dinners, our kids' dinners and the rest paid for their own meals. We did have a small reception at the house with cake and opened the presents there.

I don't remember anyone ordering alcohol drinks at the restaurant

Our one son is getting married in August this year - his wedding will be non-alcoholic. We've seen enough problems with irresponsible drinking at weddings!
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Well, I think I know I want a traditional wedding. White dress, family and friends, dinner...etc..problem is the money. I am not creative AT ALL when it comes to making ANYTHING.

I want the ceremony and the reception to be on the same day. (Traditional right). Josh wanted to get married in front of god SOON and then have the reception when we can afford it. I prefer to wait to afford the whole thing at once. Plus I remind him that he hasn't even proposed yet so he can't be going around planning to be married soon

ETA: our wedding will be non alcoholic...no idea how that will work..lol
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Hehehe is he trying to get out of actually asking the BIG question!? wuss!!
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where you have the reception can govern whether alcohol is allowed. one of my brothers & my sister both got married in a Methodist church & had the reception there, as well [2 different churches, same denomination]. you cannot serve alcohol w/in the church grounds, so both receptions were non-alcoholic. my other brother got married at a facility that wasn't a church, & they had several beers to choose from to drink, as well as non-alcoholic choices.
alcohol can REALLY jack up the reception costs - it's usually the MOST expensive thing to serve.
all of those weddings were pretty small - just family/friends. i think Gwynne's might've had the most people invited to it, 'cause her groom had more family than any other the other spouses-to-be.
our extended family [50+ members, still going strong - & we all try to attend weddings!] has outnumbered the other family at every wedding in my mother's side of the family.
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DH proposed on November 12th and we pulled off a 200 person wedding on December 30th.

We first found a judge who was available that day, then found a hall to hold the ceremony and reception.

I had a friend who was a graphic artist who drew up the invitations, which we took to a local printer as a rush job.

While the invitations were being printed, we gave the moms 2 days for a guest list. We had the invites in the mail within 1 week of the proposal.

Another friend worked part time as a DJ so we asked him to play music at the reception.

I called the local musicians guild and asked about a small band to play for the ceremony and during the dinner. I interviewed them over the phone. The woman told me she had never played a violin over the phone for an interview before. They had done the musical Cats in Chicago and were absolutely awesome!!

My maid of honor and I bought dresses off the rack. She picked hers out first so that she could have a party dress she could wear again.

I went back to the hall that we reserved and picked out the meal, decorations and they cake. I was going to ask a friend to make the cake but we didn't have the time. We ordered a birthday cake for a niece and nephew whose birthdays were around that time.

Somewhere in there we ordered flowers, the tux, and a person to video the ceremony. We bought cameras for the tables and gave our good camera to a friend to take pictures.

DH and I then moved 1200 miles across the country. Yes, during the 6 weeks between proposal and wedding, we packed our apartment and moved across the country.

Expectations for the ceremony were really low, as we planned it so fast. So any problems that happened we just laughed about.
- The judge was on his third wedding that day and was drunk.
- The camera person was clueless so a cousin, a photographer, grabbed the camera and got the good pictures.
- The DJ was a baffoon. The maitre de had to jump in and do all the announcements during the reception (what do you want for free?).
- DH was almost late for the wedding. He and the best man had car troubles on the way up to the hall.
- An ice storm hit that night.

But the good times:
- We laughed the entire time.
- My father in law, the perpetual curmudgeon, claimed it to be the best wedding he had every attended.
- The musicians were absolutely awesome!
- The maitre de ran the wedding. We tipped him very, very well.
- The food was superb.
- We got a margarita on the way down the aisle after the actual ceremony.
- The 5 minute ceremony was just the right length when you have a drunken judge bobbing back and forth while slurring his words.

And all of this for about $10,000. We didn't have time to find cheaper options.
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how was your wedding? Big or little? It was medium around 150 people mostly his family a few of mine and many friends...
Expensive or inexpensive? not cheap not expensive...we didnt have to pay for the church because his dad is the preacher there...My dress was 750 dollars, the food (mom cooked) I shopped was around 500 dollars....His aunt made our cake...Moms DH took pictures around 500 dollars we got copies for the whole family...Honeymoon was free 1 week to the beach in my moms condo...If I had it to do over again I would have had a professional photographer. I would recommend this to anyone!

Location? His dads church

Alcoholic or non alcoholic? non....

All in all it turned out very beautiful. Had we of done it our way we would have got married at The Depot a very beautiful dinner place with a church...but his dad refused to have the wedding anywhere but our church...
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Originally Posted by strange_wings View Post
Tiny - Married at the courthouse by a judge (she was nice, too)
Ours was at the courthouse too, and it was very nice. Neither of us wanted to waste the money on a big wedding. Just as well as we're no longer together
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ooh...thank you for asking, I love being able to talk about this topic!

We planned all this with him on one coast and me on the other, tried to keep initial costs down as we thought we'd be paying for everything ourselves. My parents (long divorced) did decide/offer to pay, and that was a special gift all in itself.

We were married at a Lodge at a public park - gorgeous grounds, nice kitchen facility, beatiful cobblestone fireplace. We planned to be married outside under some apple trees - had rented an brass arch (doubt this is how one puts it but you get the picture) which was to be decorated with fresh flowers...however, it was grey, windy and threatening rain. I couldn't do that to my family, a lot of whom were elderly.

So the arch was set up in front of the cobblestone fireplace and it worked out just fine.

Though my husband is Catholic, he met with and we agreed to be married by a retired Methodist minister who was very special to me when I was growing up.

I had my gown designed and made by a seamstress who came highly recommended and finding the fabric and lace was something else (kept costs down if I found/bought the fabric myself)...with an online friend knowing the best place for me to buy shantung silk, a west coast place having the lace front and back piece I wanted...it turned out so beautiful and was still under $1,000.

My Matron of Honor and my 3 bridesmaids were all my best friends - and I made sure to choose dresses that weren't the traditional bridesmaid dresses - my Matron of Honor wore maroon, and the bridesmaids were in a rose, blue and purple, each had flowers where the ribbons matched the color of their dress exactly. The two flower girls (both daughters of my friends) did not have matching dresses...we simply went and found two lovely dresses for each, and handmade headband with ribbons and artificial flowers.

The groomsmen were 3 of my husband's 5 brothers and looked SO gorgeous!

The caterer we found on a recommendation - went to the restaurant they had first, to trial their food, and then did hire them..they made a dish my husband to be had created, and just were super. They came, set up in the kitchen, set up the buffet table and did clean up..it was so convenient!

They also rescued my wedding cake (we have this on video - though I didn't hear about it until after the wedding!)...the cake's top layer began to lean worse than the Tower of Piza - the chef managed to gently righten it without indenting the frosting

The cake itself was quite a story. I had wanted an Italian rum cake and we had a cookbook with a famous Utica bakeries recipe (the Florentine bakery) but the gal we hired to make the cake (known for her lovely icing work especially) let us know two days before the wedding that she couldn't get the recipe to work! My sweet aunt who lives in Utica, went down to the bakery and got what she calls a cafe cake - it had the flavors I wanted, we gave that to our cake maker, she scraped off their icing, used it as one of the 3 tiers of the cake and did her basketweave magic, with some fresh flowers also decorating the cake.

For the cake topper, we had an artist whose work we were introduced to when dating, make a custom piece (NOT expensive)..it was two cats - one in a tux with straight ears, one in a wedding dress with curled ears...real whiskers on each and our names/date on the base they were standing on. My step-father carved a computer mouse which was also placed on the cake (since we met online).

Anyhooo....this is long enough. It was relatively small - under 100 I think. Both my Aunt Mamie and my mom stepped up and made Italian cookies that my husband and I served to our guests at the reception.

Our program, dh designed himself and printed up the day before at Kinkos. It featured a poem I began years before, and finished when I met my husband...which we now have framed with a fancy border, and hanging on our wall. It was about the longing of my heart for a soul mate.

For music we hired a quartet of music teachers who worked together doing such events for the pre-wedding music and processional.
My wedding present from a very special pair of friends who are professional musicians was for them to sing one of my favorite songs - The Wedding Song (she played bass and he placed accoustic guitar..it was so lovely and the quartet also played for this

Honeymoon - we simply drove up to the Thousand Islands where my mom at that time had a small victorian vacation home and spent a couple of days there.

Then we drove my cats (my packed up house and car my mom and step-dad drove for us...it was one processional cross-country!) cross-country...but that's a story for another day.

Sorry this is so long...
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DH and I found the mayor of our town and asked him to marry us on a wonderful Sunday afternoon. Total cost: $150.00 ($50.00 of that went to a gift certificate to his favorite restaurant as a gift for doing the wedding). Yes, it really can be that inexpensive.
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I went to my Sisters Wedding Jan 6th in Monterey. I was a Brides Maid.
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We are both laid back casual people but agreed we wanted a large (we both come from big families) traditional indoors wedding in a fantastic old looking big church with stained glass, the reception followed after the wedding. The wedding was gorgeous as well and was the wedding of our dreams. It took awhile to plan, but the families were very helpful! I know that isn't the route for everyone, but I wouldn't have had it any other way, it was a magical and wonderful day!
I had 5 bridesmaids, all in my family. He had 5 as well on his side.
Beer and other alcoholic drinks were served liberally at the reception
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Originally Posted by laureen227 View Post
you cannot serve alcohol w/in the church grounds, so both receptions were non-alcoholic.
Catholic churches you can
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