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RIP little Marissa

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My neighbor called me last night--frantic. Her dh had gone to pick her up at the airport and when they returned 5 hours later, the back door was hanging open. All of their registered cats (she's a breeder) as well as their two little dogs were missing. Pebbles is a Tibetan spaniel and Marissa, a papillon. I pet sit for them, and know them so well, so I went to help them look but eventually went home last night.

I had an email this morning, saying they were still missing, but all the cats had come home. A few minutes later, I saw them in their car, going to search again (we're rural). In about 5 minutes we got a phone call--Marissa had been found, dead on the hwy about 1/2 mile away. Pebbles was still missing. An hour or so later I got another call--Pebbles was safe and had found her way back home. So bittersweet.

This is heartbreaking for all. Her owners are blaming themselves, but there is truly no one to blame. It was just a miserable accident. I hope they find peace and healing soon.

RIP Marissa--you were such a cutie

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Oh no, so sad. The poor little dear.
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I hope the end came very quickly and poor Marissa never felt any pain.
R.I.P. little one!
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Aww the poor thing!
This may sound harsh but are you sure someone didn't kill her?
I live in a rural area and my cat was taken, starved, beaten, poisoned and got all her nails pulled out by someone and had to be put down.
My heart is with her owners
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Nothing happened but car vs doggie. I didn't ask for details about the condition of the body but they did collect her from the road. It is a very dangerous hwy--curves and a bridge is being rebuilt so there's a narrow detour. Of course most folks speed, too. Lots of wildlife has been lost in the same spot lately.

I still consider it a miracle that Pebbles found her way home. I'm so glad, too, as she's on daily meds for thyroid issues and has had a spinal fusion. If someone had "picked up the cute doggie" it could have been really bad for Pebbles.

I'm sorry for the tragic loss of your sweet cat. Some people are just a total waste of skin! I understand why you'd be questioning the death.

Thanks for the kind words. I'm sure going to miss the little gal. When she spent the nights with me when I pet sat her, she'd curl up on my chest. She was very "needy." LOL

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Oh well thats good!
At least some sicko didn't torture her like they did to my cat!
I miss her everyday!

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She looks so cute in that picture!
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Such a sad story. Rest in Peace Marissa.
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