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Vet bills

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What are some of the places out there that can help with the cost of vet bills? Popsie has had two blood panels done in a week, both at different vets. One vet will accept payments. The new vet he went to today won't. The vet wanted him to take antibiotics but I couldn't take the medicine home because I couldn't make full payment. Plus he has to go back there in two weeks for another blood panel. I can't afford all this but I need to find out what's truly going on with Popsie so I can treat it.
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This article has some suggestions, if you haven't already read it:

There is a program called Care Credit. I believe you can get funding for animal medical costs and if you pay it off in a year, there is no interest. My vet has pamphlets in his office. Perhaps call the vet to ask about it. However, I'm surprised they didn't suggest it when you stated you couldn't pay originally. Here is their website: .

Other than that, perhaps you have another credit card that it can be put on? Do you have any friends/family who could help you out?

I hope you are able to settle this situation soon! for Popsie.

(I'm not even going to start on the fact that they wouldn't give you the antibiotics that your cat needs.)
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I was also going to suggest care credit.
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I was going to sugest Care Credit too. Our Card is full now though but it wa a big help.
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This site was suggested to me when I was going through the same thing with Chynna recently. Only when I went there they weren't accepting any more requests, but it looks like they are now. They are also looking for US Residents to volunteer.

I looked at that site and it doesn't seem like they are accepting new applications for aid

Why did you go to 2 different vets? If you have one vet willing to allow you to make payments, why not go to that vet regularly?
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imom is good, but you still have to apply for care credit first in order to be considered for imom. They will only take your application if you cannot get care credit.
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Care Credit is out. I applied over the phone while at the vets and was denied. My mom will probably help but I really hate to ask. She doesn't have a lot of money herself and I've already borrowed lots for other things in the past. I would try this but this is one of the things they won't help you with. "Your pet has already been treated and you have, or will have, an outstanding bill you'd like help in paying. No exceptions - ever. " Granted his bill is only $280 and I wouldn't consider that outstanding. Another thing is it looks like they don't pay for tests to find out what's wrong.
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Well my Brother was turned down for Care Credit but my Dad Cosigned and he got it that way. Can your Mom Cosign? My Brothers Vet Bill was over 4000.
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Can you find a regular credit card that has an introductory rate of 0% APR on purchases?

I have to put my vet bills on a credit card, and it's very easy to get into debt and have high interest, but I wouldn't be able to take them to the vet if I didn't have the cards.
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Thankfully my mom loaned me the money. I love her so much.
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ameriplan has some vets in some states but not indiana.

heres the link if you wanna look up your state

its not insurance. you pay like 20/month and can get a discount of anywhere 10% to 90%. works for ppl too. i wish the vets in OK had it; it would help me a lot
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