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Originally Posted by cata_mint View Post
But Hilary hasn't exactly had it rough. She may not feel any more pressure to ensure gender equality in the workplace than a male president.
We had a female Prime Minister, and she was possibly the most unpopular PM we've ever had, and wasn't exactly famous for caring about the common folk.
I am not expecting her to do anything more than upholding the laws already in place for gender equality. The point is to have a female president. It is the same point for African Americans. To come from the place of a second class citizen to the leader of a country is an incredible feat of accomplishment and a major feather in the cap. It proves that equality is possible. However, it proves it for the black man first. Maybe a woman will get the next shot, but between these two historical possibilities, I feel Hillary is the best qualified due to life experience alone. He is not up to this task, and I fear he will fail miserably.
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I'm curious - and I'm NOT trying to be adversarial - but if Hillary wasn't as accomplished as she is, and if she wasn't as competent, and if she actually would make a dreadful President, would you still think that she should attain that position simply because she is a woman and therefore that would be a win for women's rights?
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WAKE UP... Binky for Pres!!!!!!
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I like Hillary for who she is. The fact that she is also a woman is a bonus.

It does bother me when she seems to win because the only other choice is a mixed-race person and white men say they are voting on the basis of race. I wish she could say that she doesn't want that, but even if she did, people would just lie to the poll-takers about their reasons.
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Originally Posted by katie=^..^= View Post
I like Hillary for who she is. The fact that she is also a woman is a bonus.

It does bother me when she seems to win because the only other choice is a mixed-race person and white men say they are voting on the basis of race. .

what and here you just said "The fact that she is also a woman is a bonus."
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I wanted to resurrect this thread for the simple and astounding (to me) reason that I have changed my mind and now hope very much that Hillary wins the nomination.

I have reasons for this - I'm not just going insane - and my reasons aren't anything Obama has or has not done. I still like him a very great deal, I still think he's a very special and important person, and I think he would do a good job.

But the more I watch Hillary the more I feel that the kind of tenacity she is displaying is the kind of thing your next President needs. That woman will NOT give up. I used to think she had a lust for power but I was discussing this with Max the other day and actually I think she has a real calling - her desire to be President I feel comes from a deep-seated and unquenchable ambition to do everything in her power to have a real chance at fixing the things that are going wrong in America, and not just to have top job.

I have begun to feel more and more lately that she cares so much for this not because of what it will bring her but because of what she believes she can bring to America. And I know that the others probably feel the same way but there's something about her - it's her whole life.

And not only that - she still has and continues to have the popular vote. I don't pretend to fully understand US politics but it does seem to me that that is what should count. If it were this country, the most popular candidate wins. The candidate who has most of the people's vote wins. It seems that in the US Hillary has the vote of the majority of the people. Doesn't that mean she should win?

I really have done a complete about-face and it's a strange feeling (lol) but that woman just seems to have the whole package - and now I am hoping very much that (as much as I like Obama) that she will actually win. I think she has a far, far better chance against McCain than Obama and for the first time since this whole thing began, I have begun to think she would make the best President out of all of them.

She's young, staggeringly intelligent, informed, insightful, very experienced, almost unbelievably committed and has a real vision for the future of America. I would be very excited if she had the chance to govern, I really would be.

And that's enough from me. You can all pick yourselves up off the floor now.
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I have said it before and I will say it again, if it must be a Dem, let it be Hilary.
I think she will win PR today.
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