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To our troops

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For those of you not from the USA, I hope you will bear with me & I hope you understand the pride that this poem comes from. I believe no matter how you feel about the impending war, we must support the soldiers who are doing the fighting. So here goes:


On this eve of war I am reminded of all those who have fought before.
So hold your head high knowing your doing those men & women proud.
Know your making the world a little safer for our children.
The why of this action is not yours to decide but you go any way, so:

Thank you for fighting the fight I can not.
Thank you for my freedom.
Thank you for my safety.
Thank you for all the blessings this country has given me.
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Very well said! I echo the feelings in that poem as well.
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I agree with Heidi - well said.

Thank you.
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echo that...
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A resounding cheer for this poem. We absolutely agree with you. Cynthia/12+
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Our men are in my prayers daily.
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totaly agree thank you!
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