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Still no kittens!!! HELP!!!

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Well we took pooh bear to vets 6 weeks ago yesterday to be spayed,he told us she was deffinatly 3-4 weeks pregnant.Well we still have no kittens is this normal? I am begining to doubt she is pregnant allthough her nipples have gone pink the fur has gone around the nipples,she has put on some weight but is not huge which i put down to being her first litter and she is quite small that she is only having a couple of kittens, and im sure i have seen kittens move!! am i going mad could this be just wind!!! And could the vet made a mistake? and how long is it normal to go over 9 weeks im thinking maybee she wasnt as far gone as he thought how early can vets that a cat is pregnant.Sorry for so many questions i am going mad here!!! i even dreamt of cat nipples last night!!
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its possible that a few of the time calculations are off... maybe the vet was a bit wrong on how far along she was? But it certainly sounds like you have kittens coming your way. Shouldnt be much longer
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You said the vet said she was 3-4 weeks - 6 weeks ago. So maybe she was on the conservative 3 week side which would put her at just 9 weeks now.

An experienced vet can palpitate the tummy and feel kittens around 17 - 25 days.

I know the wait can be excruciating sometimes! Hopefully they're here before you know it! Good luck on a swift wait and smooth delivery!
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If she doesn't have the kittens in the next week, I'd take her back to the vet. Its possible she could have a false pregnancy. Its rare but not unheard of in cats.
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Its just so weird!! I know this is gonna sound weird but about 2 weeks after we went to the vets she seemed to come into heat again,the only cat she was with was my recently neutered tom hed been done about a week before this,i thought it was odd as i actually caught her at it with him,(but didnt take much notice as i thought she was pregnant)she hasnt been in heat since and does definatly seem pregnant its just her lack of kittens and her size thats making me doubt it.Now when people have stopped laughing can someone please tell me theres no way the vet made a mistake and there is no chance my tom could of got her pregnant after being neutered yes i know im loosing it!! i wish pets could talk!!
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Someone else here just confirmed their siamese was NOT pregnant (I think I was the only one that said she was not - it was a false pregnancy). The owner's vet was also fooled. But the cat was x-rayed yesterday and no kittens were found.

And a freshly neutered male can get a female pregnant within 2 months of being neutered. So its possible she is pregnant, but its also possible she is having a false pregnancy.
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It takes anywhere from one to two months following a neuter for hormones to completely leave a male cat's system. So yes, your recently neutered cat could very well have gotten your female cat pregnant.
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So your female may NOT have been pregnant the first time they said she was... but could very well be now - how long has it been since you seen her in the act with the neutered boy? Start counting up from then...
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Oh my word!!! I never knew that toms were still able to do that!(wish the vet would of mentioned it!) So she is either slightly overdue or by my calculations 3 weeks to go or its a false pregnancy,im 99% she was in heat when i caught them and she was making a awfull sound.She has not been on heat since,i think maybee i will leave her a couple of days to see if she has kittens,if not i will take her to the vets for a ultrasound.
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