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Daily Thread HUMP day April 23rd!

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Good Mooooorning Cat fanciers

Another balmy day in London..21 degrees and mostly sunny! And only a week and a half until my trip!

Didn't manage to find any shoes still for my skirt and I only have ONE mall left to look in. I better find something soooooon.

Not much going on today..worky worky.

Have a great one!
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Good morning!

Ah, I remember trying to find shoes like CRAZY around here. I went to this HUGE outlet mall, all the malls, Shoe Carnivals, Payless's, Shoe Depots, etc. And didn't find them. But then I ended up finding the pair I wanted at my parents' house in my old closet

It's supposed to be a nice 77* day today, with chance of thunderstorms later. It always stinks being at work when it's nice out though! It'll probably start raining as I walk to the parking lot to leave at 3pm!

Then tonight I'll be making penne with marinara and ground beef
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Afternoon. A dull day here and the rains started, but it's good for the plants that i've just planted at the weekend

I need some new shoes as well for a leaving party next month. I don't usually wear brown but i've bought a brown top with gold accessories and now i need brown shoes and a brown bag to match
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Nothing much here except I've got a doctor's appointment this morning.(YUCK)! It's getting warm here and I'm afraid we won't really be getting any cool weather again for months.Anyhoo, hope everyone has a good day.
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Wednesday is my day off! It's supposed to be warm and overcast today. I have a mammogram scheduled at 10:45, and then lunch and shopping with a friend. I live for Wednesdays!
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Hey everyone!
It's georgous here and I am off work. How can you top off a day like that?
All the windows are opened and the cats are in Heaven! Cali hasn't smelled the outside in almost 6 months because when I brought her from our parking lot at work, it was Nov so all the windows were closed up. She is chrupping all about the house, just taking in all the smells from each window. The others are lazin' about in various parts of the house.
I am reseaching new jobs, and getting ready to go to the dentist tonight. (not lookin' forward to it, but it will FINALLY be done)
Better get in the shower, I stink!

Have a fantastic day everyone!
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Afternoon All!!!

Little late getting here today, when I tried to log into the site this morning it was a no go...Seems to be fine now however.

Pretty typical day for me, a couple of meetings just after lunch then spent most of the afternoon finishing off ROE's and looking over resumes. Hard to believe I will be starting summer hiring in about 3 weeks...

Looked like rain this morning but cleared and it's quite nice now, might take a walk down by the river after dinner..

Hope everybody enjoyed the day so far.
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