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Question of the Day - April 23rd!

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Good morning everyone! I'll be taking over the Question of the Day on Wednesdays from now on.

Do you have a "cause" which is especially dear to you? Perhaps TNR, conservation, cancer research, renewable resourses....honestly, the list seems endless, and there are SO many worthy causes out there.

I'm passionate about colo-rectal cancer screening. I lost my grandfather at the age of 52, to colon cancer. I also work with a colo-rectal surgeon, so I see how colon cancer affects so many people.

Colorectal cancer is the third most common type of non-skin cancer in men (after prostate cancer and lung cancer) and in women (after breast cancer and lung cancer). It is the second leading cause of cancer death in the United States after lung cancer. The rate of new cases and deaths resulting from this disease is decreasing. Still, over 147,000 new cases are diagnosed, and more than 57,000 people die from colorectal cancer each year.

A fecal occult blood test (FOBT) checks for hidden blood in the stool. Studies have proven that this test, when performed every 1 to 2 years in people ages 50 to 80, reduces the number of deaths due to colorectal cancer by as much as 30 percent.

I started my screening tests in my mid 30's, and had my first colonoscopy when I turned 40. On my first colonoscopy, three polyps were found. Polyps can often turn into colon cancer, so I feel very lucky that I started testing early.
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It has to be my local Cats Protection organisation, and Cancer research having several members of my family and friends that's had it
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Mine are animal related.

I am for dog rescue.I am a dedicated volunteer with Beagle Paws - 4+ yrs and Greyhound Pets of Atlantic Canada - 7+ yrs.I am dedicated to them.Beagles are the most abused dog here in Newfoundland,so I am dedicated to promoting them as good family pets and dispelling the many myths about them.It is a shame the way beagles are treated here.

And I am also big into pet rat promotion.Again dispelling myths and educating the public on them.I go out to parks and festivals and places with my rats and often pamphlets and talk to the public.Hollywood makes rats look bad big time.I wan tot get a booth set up at the pet expo this year...but I think it may be too late to sign up...
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Mine is pet rescue.
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Animal related causes like the SPCA. All the animals we've ever owned were strays-turned-house-pets, or adopted from shelters. Hubby & I also volunteer to socialize with the animals at our local SPCA whenever we can.
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Animal rescue, supporting our troops and Alzheimer's research.
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I have a few.

One is advocating for the rights of individuals with developmental disabilities. I've worked with this population since I started working; I spent six years with children on the autism spectrum, and I now do service coordination for adults with developmental disabilities. I do the walk for autism every year, and I do my best to promote awareness, research, and rights everywhere I go.

Another is gay rights. I'm as much of a human being as anyone else, and I refuse to be treated otherwise. I'm out, outspoken, and passionate.

And I get my hands into a lot of other things, as well, because I feel like it's my obligation to work hard to make things better while I'm here. But those are my two main ones.
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I'm really passionate about anti-DUI and seatbelt safety. Which seems redundant because you would think everyone has gotten the message by now but some people still don't get it.

When I was 4 my mother drove me to school still drunk from the night before. I was seated in the front passenger seat without a seatbelt. She ended up rolling the car into a ditch. I fractured my skull and went into a coma. During my 3rd day of being comatose I went into cardiac arrest.

I could have died at the age of 4 because my mother made a really stupid choice to drink, put a 4 year old in the front seat, and not use seat belts.

I could have very likely gotten brain damage upon impact or when I went into cardiac arrest. I was very lucky. Some people aren't so lucky and it's absolutely ridiculous. If you drink, don't drive, and always make sure you and your passengers wear seat belts. Very simple, yet people are stilled maimed and killed and lives are ruined because someone decided not to do one or both of those things.

I'm also passionate about animal welfare, spay & neuter, AIDS prevention, and international human rights causes.
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Animal welfare obviously, but Cancer reseach as well, especially breast cancer.

My favorite way to get other people putting money towards breast cancer is to send them here
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I am passionate about a few causes

I belong to Brain Tumour Awareness, and I also Support the Canadian Cancer Society.
I am looking into the Crohn's & inflamitory bowl disease sopport and chairities in the area because I have suffered from this for the past several years.

I also volunteer with Girl Guides of Canada, but i'm not sure if that is a cause
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Originally Posted by Pookie-poo View Post
Good morning everyone! I'll be taking over the Question of the Day on Wednesdays from now on.
Welcome at the Club of daily Questions my friend........Monday´s duty salute you!.....
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I have a few, St Jude's is near and dear to my heart My Grandfather had Leukemia and his favorite charity was St Jude's so I continue on with donations to them and buy from their store regularly. Animal protection society and local animal shelters. And American cancer society
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The only cause that I am actively passionate about is FeLV positive cats- they deserve a chance at a happy home life!

Causes that I am passionate about but are not really active in are gay rights and right for a woman to choose

Great question, Kelli Jo!
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I am a big fan of the American Heart Association ever since DH collapsed at our daughter's senior HS back-to-school night. He now has an artificial aorta valve, a pacemaker and had a double bypass. He refuses to believe he had a heart condition.

I also support the US Holocaust Memorial Museum.
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There are very few causes I'm not passionate about... but you know me.

Animal rights, of course -- I would dearly love to see a time when animals are treated as fellow creatures, rather than commodities.

Human rights, too -- call me a Socialist if you must, but I believe it's wrong for society to allow a handful of people to live at an absurd level of luxury while so many are suffering, here and around the world.

But my highest concern is healthcare. I say healthcare is a human right: if you were born on this planet, your fellow man has a moral obligation to do whatever he can to help you when you're sick. Yet we have allowed a huge and highly profitable industry to grow up around the principle of promising to help and then using legal trickery to get out of keeping that promise. What kind of society are we, to play this moneymaking game with people's lives?

Also on my list: more help and less stigma for the mentally ill; tougher sentencing for violent criminals, but no capital punishment; the ideal that nobody in this wealthy nation should ever go hungry or without a roof over his head; prosecution of the countless war crimes that have been committed under the current administration, and reclamation of all stolen funds; and finally, a return to an economic condition under which families no longer have to put both parents to work -- because I believe having one parent at home all or most of the time would do a lot toward reversing the decline in intelligence, integrity, and values among kids.
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The heart and stroke foundation. My mom had a stroke and lost her vision while driving near Toronto and my dad passed away from a heart attack last summer. So far I have only made one donation to them, but every August I plan on donating and making the amount bigger every year.
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mine would be:

SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy) - why? it's the disability i have

Cat's Protection



Breast Cancer - actually, any type of Cancer for that matter
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Any human rights cause.

I'm especially passionate for gay rights.

(and of course animal rights, but I think that goes without saying)
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