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Katya has cat flu!

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We took our russian girl to the vet on the weekend because we were worried that the medicine the breeder had her on wasnt working (it is we were just over worried) and the vet has said that Katya has cat flu and that she will have this for the rest of her life even if the symptoms are not shown!

We brought her to show but if she is going to have cat flu which is contagous I dont want to be taking her near other cats let alone get a breeder which we were planning in a years time if they can get it from her...

If a kitten is vaccinated before coming into contact with cat flu are they likely to get it or will the vaccine stop this from getting to them?

Katya is slowing getting better and isnt sneezing as much and her eyes are not so watery but we would like peoples opinions on whether or not we should get another kitten later for breeding if she has cat flu? I dont know too much about it other than what I have mentioned so I'm a bit lost right now and dont know what to think. Our vet mentioned that it is common in catteries and with breeders but I dunno... Any info would be great or advice!

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I don't know too much about cat flu. I do know it's brought on by stress so could be triggered by showing her. The F4 vaccine covers against it, but most vets and breeders have had too many side effects so only use an F3.

I don't know any breeders currently who have it in their catteries, I do know a Russian breeder who had a young neuter boy rehomed years ago as he carried it and the vet advised she couldn't breed with him in the house
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