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Anyone else feel Sad on Mothers Day?

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Ever since my Mom died Mothers Day has been very Sad for me. I have always felt cheated because I did not get to the Hospital before she died. I bought her a Card and was going to go to the Hospital that night. I got a call around 5 Pm saying she had a 50/50 Chance. A few Minutes later my sister called and said she died. My dad said to come to the hospital antway and we did. I did get to go in the room after she died. She had Breast cancer that went in her Lungs. People dont think and ask what are you getting your Mom for Mothers Day.
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That must be hard... I think mothers day is hard for me because I should have more children, and for the fact that I never get remembered on mothers day! I have never recieved a gift or a card or anything, except one year my grandma found out that my DH didn't do anything and she went out and got me a bottle of perfume and said it was from the kids!

I can't imagine what you must go through every mothers day... Ill be here that day if you need to chat, and alot of the time in between!!
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Thanks Glitch,
. Someone should be Nice and give you a Card on Mothers Day.
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Sis! I know that Mother's Day is hard without having Mom around...but you cannot blame people for asking what you are going to get your Mom. I get it all the time, especially being much younger than you. You just have to see it from their point of view. You would probably be doing the same thing if we hadn't lost her. Don't be too sad! You still have family. It's hard for everyone.
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I hope this mothers day goes better... It could, you never know!!
And you could always put flowers on her grave... I know people who put all kinds of things on their loved ones graves! The weird thing in this town is everything thats left there is always there the next time you go. Kid my age that passed 10 years ago still has the hackey sack that was put there when he was buried... Maybe putting flowers or a card on there would help. Its not like she doesn't get them, she can see you. She's with you every step of the way!
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It is a 2 Hour Drive so we may not be able to go then. Would you like to see her Pic. I did a dedication to her at my Wedding.
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I wouldnt take it so harshly, i know its hard to live with out her but you can always write her a card and hang it up by the fire place or somewhere special for you in the house.

I would love to see a pic of her.

I dont think its only hard for children who have lost mothers, but i think its also hard for mothers who have lost children. This would have been the first mothers day with my child.

You just reminded me i should go and pick up a card for my mum!
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That is true too. I will post a Pic this week. My Cousin lost her baby when she was almost due. She had a Stillborn little Girl.
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Oh honey it is hard, but it sounds like you have great family support. Maybe you should plan a family get together or do something that she enjoyed in her memory. Or, you could be like me and just try to ignore the day.

My mom passed away 2 days before mother's day, on my grandmother's birthday (who has alzheimer's and is in the same nursing home my mom was in), so I can definitely understand how hard this day can be. But, it's a day to remember and celebrate everything she did for you.
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I agree with Hope -- it's a time to remember to good stuff. I bet your mom would want it that way.

My sister died at age 44, leaving behind two teenagers. Her daughter especially is still suffering. I am lucky that I still have my mom, who turns 84 this week, and don't think that I don't count my blessings every day that she is still here.
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It must be so difficult on a day devoted to mothers, to be reminded of the loss of your own. I second focusing on the good stuff- maybe try to remember something good she taught you, and give a moment of thanks for that.

I also feel a little sad on Mother's Day, but for an unusual reason: my father died on Mother's day.
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I feel a little selfishly sad on Mother's Day because I don't have kids yet and I want to have a family. I am in my 30's and not married. Big holidays make me think about all that I haven't accomplished yet.

I do make a big brunch for my mom in celebration.
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I feel sad on fathers day....because my dad passed away('04) but it just never gets easier!!

I am sorry you feel this way...dont forget I am here to listen!!!
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I know exactly how you are feeling, I, too, lost my mom several years ago, somehow it just doesn't feel the same on Mother's Day! I always have DH's mom over for a cookout and try to make her feel very special. She has been my mom for many years now, and I love her as my own!
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I will feel sad this Mother's Day without my mom. I was in the gift shop last week and I saw Mother's Day cards. I found one that really described my mom to a T. It made me cry right there in the shop.

I bought it because I will never forget her and who she was. I still am angry that she suffered so much and sad that she is gone. I know exactly how you feel.
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I am sorry, I can only imagine how you feel

I am sad on Mother's Day because I could NOT have kids I adore kids So my DH gets me gifts and cards from the kitties
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It's difficult for me, too, but in different ways. I'm sorry that it's a tough day for you.
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I lost my dad in 1987 and my mom in 2000. Don't bash yourself for not being at the hospital when she passed. Dieing for most people is a very private process and many people wait for people to leave before they let go. I learned this through the hospice nurses that we worked with for both of my parents. You simply eased her burden.

Time will allow you to heal and over time you'll find ways to celebrate the life you shared with them without it being too painful. Holidays always bring you reminders of the people you love that have left. Find ways of passing that love along to others.

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The day can be hard for me. When I was younger I got myself pregnant twice. My parents found out and forced me to have abortions. Which I guess was their way of preserving my future but I always wonder what their sweet little faces would look like and how different my life would be. They would be 8 & 6 years old now. So mothers day holds a sort of a bittersweet remembrance for me.
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I get a bit sad because I don't get to spend mothers day with my son. I don't care about cards and gifts, I just miss my little boy.

I'm sorry for those of you who have lost your mum's - I don't know what I would do without mine. for you
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Thanks All,
I wanted Kids but it didnt happen. My Husband cant have anymore Kids so there is no way I will get Preg. My Sisters were 12 and 16 when my Mom died. The rest of us are older. My Sister did teh 3 Day Breast Cancer Walk in my Moms Memory. She is doing it this year too. I want to but there is no way i can Walk. I am thinking of helping out there though. Sorry to all of you that have lost your Moms, Dads or both.
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DH and I decided not to have 2 legged kids. But our 4 leggeds are our kids now. DH always gets me a mother's day card from the kids each year and I do the same for father's day (both of our dads are gone).
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My mum died 12 years ago so I`m kind of used to it now. At first I thought about her every single day but as time passes and life goes on that goes and it`s little things that suddenly remind you.

Now Mothers day isn`t so sad for me because it`s a time when I get to think about the good times we had.
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We are thinking of going to a Nuts ame May 10th. Its Breast Cancer Game Day.
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