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Upset Tummy

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Oliver seemed to have had a bit of an upset tummy today... he threw up his kibble this morning (which isn't a regular thing but not completely out of the ordinary - sometimes he gets riled up in the mornings playing with my dad and eats real fast and then throws up)... so I cleaned it up and really thought nothing of it... then he went out in the backyard as always for about an hour this afternoon where he munch on a bunch of grass (normal) and lounged about... I went to bring him in after the hour and usually he steps right in the sliding door and waits to be unleashed and unharnessed, but as soon as I unleashed him he headed straight through the kitchen to the dining room - I caught up to him and unharnessed him and he started to heave, so I quick moved him to the kitchen floor (much easier to clean than carpet)... about 3 blades of grass and bile came up - not a whole lot...

He seemed normal the rest of the day, just not quite as crazy as usual - he usually gets a nightly crazies burst, but he was pretty low key... he seems back himself right now though

Sooooo, my question I guess haha, can kitties have days like we do where they just feel blah? I felt so bad for him, wished I had a kitty pepto bismal He's eaten more kibble, had a few treats and munch on his inside grass since coming in and barfing around 130pm (it's nowe 11pm here) and he's been fine so I'm sure he's ok - just want my baby's buddah-belly to be all better!
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Oh also, I just remembered... there appeared to be a good sized hair ball in a poopie he produced a little while after the first barf this morning... could that maybe have contributed to his upset tummy too, but it just came out the other end? He does get hairball treats, but the gel is just impossible (long story short, there are stains on the dining room wall from hairball gel and last time I attempted to give it to him, I ended up cleaning the entire bathroom)

And he's definitely feeling better - I'm of course getting ready to get in bed and he gets all frisky wanting to play lol... I gave him a good petting with the brush glove thing (he loves that) and then he started bunnykicking and playing with some toys
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Ollie's just fine now, but I'm still curious if anyone knows if cats really can have days occasionally where they just feel icky with an upset tummy?
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When Nova has hairballs, she sometimes throws up. The vet said the vomits will mostly be undigested food. Maybe the grass munching was Oliver trying to help his digestion.

Something that might help the hairballs slide out his rear end is something like VedaLax or Laxatone... it's kind of a jellyish goop that they lick up. Nova licks it right off my fingers... so maybe it's tasty (I think stuff like this might come in Tuna flavor).

Hope this helps.
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Yeah, he's had hairballs that he's puked up before - but usually he pukes them up then goes on his merry way... he just seemed so blah all day that day... the jelly stuff just doesn't work for him, haha, at first he licks it off my fingers just fine, then he suddenly hates it after like 2 servings and then it's more difficult to get him to take it than being in a one-legged butt kicking contest
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