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Can I ask for good vibes please?

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I posted a couple of days back that my step-son's fiance has been rushed into hospital. Well, they operated thinking it was apendicitis, however it transpired that it was not.

They called in a gynaecologist who identified some problems with her ovaries/tubes.

In the last few hours she has developed a bad lung infection also, and as I type is have CT scans and is being moved to intensive care.

The girl is only 16 years old, and although I don't know her all that well, Simon loves her to bits and I do think she is a real sweetie and they are lovely together.

Could I ask that you give up a short prayer for her - I know we are about to be plunged into turmoil with the impending war, and there will be lots of prayers said, but I sure would appreciate a quick thought for poor Becky.

Cheers guys.
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Good thoughts and prayers coming from IL to Becky. I hope that they find out what is wrong with her and that she is going to be ok. Its always scary not knowing what is wrong when something happens.
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Good thoughts and prayers for your step-son, his fiancee and both your families.
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Oh Gosh Yola....it goes without saying: Major prayers heading Beckys way and to you and your step-son and all the family...
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Lot's of good thoughts heading your way from here!!!!!
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Prayers from New Jersey. I'm so sorry to hear of this - I must have missed the first thread.
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prayers for becky from my home to yours!
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wow, Yola.. Becky is so young too.. just to let you know she is in my prayers.

Becky, please recover very soon!

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Yola, what a horrible situation for such a young person. Major positive vibes being sent Becky's way!
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It's never hard to add another to the positive thoughts/prayer list. Lots of positive energy going out to Becky and both of your families.
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Add mine to the list Yola-
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and me!

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Positive thoughts and prayers going to Becky and her family and also to your stepson and the rest of your family. I hope she will be ok!!!!
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Positive thoughts coming from Pennsylvania as well!
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Prayers from Nebraska too! Keep us posted Yola...take care of yourself too during this scary time!(((((HUGS))))
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Lot's of good vibe;s coming from NY
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Healing and positive prayers flying your way from Toronto!
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any updates Yola?
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Thanks for all your good thoughts.

Well, Becky has partially collapsed lungs (water in the base of both lungs), this has been as a result of the hypothermia she suffered during and after her op (WHAT!!!!!).

We are livid, and, although I haven't spoken to her mother, I think there are grounds for making a huge fuss here. What did they do with her to have her suffering from hypothermia and WHY was this not picked up until almost 24 hours after her operation????

Still no news on the root cause of her lower abdominal pain as I think all efforts have been taken up in stabilizing her infection.

She is now off the morphine, but on oxygen and hi-dosage anti-biotics, so we have slow progress but no real outcome yet.

Poor Simon hasn't slept for about 48 hours now (if not longer), as we are also getting quite worried about him as he refuses to leave her side even to get something to eat. He has received little info from the hospital as although he is her fiance, he is not deemed to be family.

This is a real worry as this is the hospital where I am scheduled to give birth. And I've recently heard some horror stories about that too. Makes me wish I had enough money to go private for this (yeah, about 10k pounds)!!
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prayers from wisconsin.
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HOW does a patient get hypothermia, in a hospital? I hope your son's fiance gets well, soon.

As for your delivery: DO NOT allow any hospital personnel to touch you or the baby, unless you personally witness them washing their hands. Most in-hospital infections can be directly traced to improper sanitation. Hospital personnel go from patient to patient, without washing their hands. Its such a simple thing, too and soap and water are cheap!
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Yola - I am keeping Becky and you in my prayers!
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my friends hubby is at risk of getting hypothermia if he received anaesthesia because he is allergic to it. that could be why Yola.
still prayers going their way.
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Yola, I'm so sorry to hear about the complications! Hugs to all of you suffering through this. Simon MUST get some sleep!!!!!

Just wanted to let you know I'm keeping you all in my prayers.

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Goodness, how horrible! Positive energy flying out to Becky, Simon, and both of your families.
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Yola, I'm glad Becky is making some progress even if it is slow. I'm continuing to send thoughts and prayers.

I work in a nusing home/hospital and I do know that the surgical area is kept cooler than the rest of the hospital. For example, at my hospital the OR is always air-conditioned no matter what time of year it is. And a patient who has just had surgery is cold, but normally they aren't suffering from hypothermia.
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Yola, I just now saw this thread!!! I have missed so many threads the past few days!!! I am so sorry to hear about Becky!!!! I am sending up prayers for her right now!!!!! Is there any news on her? Is she doing any better now? She is in my thoughts as well as your step-son!
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Thank you everyone for your very kind thoughts. Becky was released from hospital yesterday (Sunday), and will have to rest up for a couple of months - tricky for a lively 16 year old, but she will just have to do it.

Once again, your good wishes were appreciated.
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