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London Bridge, Lake Havasu City, Arizona

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I got to go visit the bridge today!
The bridge looks great, unfortunately, the tourist trap known as London Town has become rundown.
Still, I got a lot of nice shots and I thought I'd share them.

All are clickable thumbnails for dial-up friendly viewing, enjoy!

The pub in London Town, a birdbath/fountain the foreground with a little red postbox.

The flags flying over the bridge itself:
Old Glory, Union Jack and the AZ state flag

One of the dragon posts that stand at the entrance, and the plaque on the post itself

The fountain, one of the lions at the fountain and a call box (that's my mother modelling for me and the fountain, sadly, was undergoing repair)

Continued next post
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the 1997 dedication plaque

And the bridge itself.
Lots of bikers out and about, the Laughlin River run starts this week (a bike rally almost as big as Sturgis), this group was Canadian

Carp under the bridge and the Canadian bikers' rides

And just because it's pretty, the bloom on the hibiscus that I bought my mother for an eary Mother's day gift.
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I've been there, it's pretty... the water around there is really blue... I like your pictures!
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That's very cool! Thanks for sharing!
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Mom doesn't look 75 does she?
That's her own haircolor too, just silver at the temples.

I had a blast, I really love taking pictures of stuff like this, I don't care how touristy I look
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When I first met my SO, we went on a weekend trip to Havasu. Your photos brought back memories of us sitting under the bridge in the heat, surrounded by pigeons and eating some yucky chili fries.

SO doesn't remember chili fries... maybe I made that part up.
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I love pictures of other places. Your photos are great! Thanks for sharing.
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I went to Lake Havasu in 1994 I think. It was 126 when we went there and we got food poisoning from a Salad Bar. It was fun going there though.
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aww wow!

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