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neutered male cat problems

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My male cat was neutered and in the process had to have internal surgery because of one of his testicles that did not descend properly. He seemed fine for awhile, but now he has begun spraying. Sometimes he doesn't spray any liquid; other times, small amounts ooze out. Nothing has changed in his environment like new cats in the house or yard. I called the vet but she was not very friendly or informative. Anybody have a similar problem and what can be done about it?
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I am a little confused about the "spraying" aspect of it. If he was spraying, it would be a small amount of concentrated urine onto a surface and it smells VERY strong. What do you mean when you say ooze? Is it coming from his penis? What color is it?
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I would start by looking for another vet. You should have a vet that is concerned about your animal's health and well-being, and willing to talk with you about any concerns you have. It sounds like your vet is none of the above. I went through 4 or 5 veteranarian clinics before I found the one I am with now, and I could not be happier.

I am sorry that I don't have any personal experience with a neutered cat that sprays, but there are quite a few people on this forum that do. I am sure you will get plenty of suggestions.

Good Luck!
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I recommend you find another vet also. If your vet wasn't concerned about something abnormal happening with your cat after the surgery then they are not worth the money you dish out to them. I would search for another vet in your area until you find one that cares about and wants to help your pets. In the meantime I would just keep a good eye on your kitty and document specifics about what is going on with him. A good vet is going to ask you all of the specifics and if they don't know what is going on they will do some research.
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What is happening is that he is wiggling his backend, and a small amount of very strong urine is being ejected. Ooze is really the wrong word, sorry. He is "spraying" all over the place now. Sometimes the wiggling doesn't produce anything, but other times it does. I've owned other male cats and I've never had this problem.
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Is he urinating normally too?
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Yes, as far as I can tell he is urinating properly. Do you suspect UTI? This "wiggling-spraying" behavior seems almost automatic, but I do notice that he purposely "marks" territory also.
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I would first have the vet do a test to make sure it's not an infection. That's always the best place to start. Weather it's the infection, or the stress of an infection, it could be causing it.
Once that is or isn't ruled out, I would try adding an additional litter box. I would also be sure to use a very good enzimatic cleaner. Even if you can't smell it, he may. Usually cats that are neutered and then start to spray, do it as a result of stress. I would think about some things that may have triggered it. Anything changing around the time he started. Even subtle things can effect them.
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The "wiggling" right before ejecting a spurt of strong urine is normal marking. We have a neutered male that will be four next month. He started marking in our yard in January (another male is marking there). Others have talked about their neutered males doing the same thing. I'd get him checked out by a vet to make sure everything's okay, and then look at some of the threads about marking for tips.
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Oh, dear! If I have to wash everything down in here where I suspect that he has sprayed with a cleaner, I don't think I could possibly get every spot! Do they stop this behavior once they are secure,or does this behavior continue? I have tried petting him extra, etc. but the spraying continues. There may be an extra male in the area, as we live on several acres of land and there are often strays in the weeds. However, these strays have always been here. I am going to have to make him a totally "outside" cat, which I really don't want to do, unless there is another surgical procedure that will prevent this. I don't think he intends to stop. He is really a good cat and I don't want to put him outside permanently.
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Did you take him to the vet to have him checked out? I would do that first before you banish him. Normal spray activity is a raised tail, a twitching motion then they spray. They usually do not do small spurts but large marking sprays. Again, I would take him to the vet. And if you use regular cleaners, they don't get rid of the smell, and he will go back every 3 days to refresh. You need a good enzyme cleaner.
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