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Does anyone else's dog...

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love those little kitty mice?

Lulu LOVES them. She stashes them under the table and whines when they're gone. She picks them up and throws them for herself to catch (with her paws...) and carries them around by the tail.
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Sammy loves those too!
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Yes and Keno will chew the furry ones up and the catnip ones too. We cannot have them laying around the house. The cats have to have special times for playing with the mice!
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I'd try 'special times' but both cats hide the mice and then Lulu gets them...

Thank goodness they come in bulk.
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YES! I have to constantly yell at Thor to stop stealing Stuarts mice!
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Yup! Vino loves them too, but he doesn't tear them up, he licks them
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Izzy chews them to death, the other two try to eat them. I've got to hide them away....good thing my kitties prefer pom poms & spring toys...the dogs don't bother those!
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One of my dogs has a hard time with the concept that a stuffed toy on the floor might not be for dogs, especially if they are fluffy. And she seems to like catnip too. The really tiny toys she won't go after, but if its about the size of a tennis ball, well, sooner or later it'll have dog slobber on it.
Good thing Brady is getting more and more crinkly wrappers to play with, Sophia couldn't care less about those!
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One of my dogs goes wild for the Da Bird toy
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Lulu goes wild for all the cat toys, especially Da Bird...

But when we get her 'dog' toys, she ignores them (except the ball.)
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Max Chase and Lilly all love the mice...Max and chase chew them to pieces Lilly licks them and puts them in her dog bed
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Toby thinks the mice are his and hoards them so Olivia can't have them. She retaliates by taking all of his favorite toys and putting them under the couch where he can't get them.
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Mine aren't allowed to play with ANY kitty's bad enough replacing a well chewed doggie toy, let alone having to replace the kitty toys all the time too! Lol! Plus, they are small and potentially dangerous for the dog...especially if they wind up swallowing them...
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Jasper will chew at anything that belongs to the cats, hence why we no longer replace anything such as toy mice. He constantly eats them
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only today we got the cutest toy mouse and baelees stole it off misty and beu and stashed it!
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Mine will eat the fur mice in one gobble and I can no longer buy them. Sam really loves when I get Da Bird out and then pouts when I won't let him play with it.

All of the cat toys have been migrated into a bedroom where our new puppy can't gain access. We haven't gotten her fully trained to leave the cat toys alone yet. We're still working on controlling her chewing behavior in general. Nothing is safe in my house right now.
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