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I need help bad cat issue

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My cat charley has always behaved a little odd... he would seem like he wants attention but then run away if you approach and stuff like that, hes now 2 years old and hes driving me and my family crazy! here are a list of problems that seem to be getting worse and worse! (note: hes nurtured)

1) He pees any ware and every ware in the house! (not spraying) i have litrally seen him, eat his dinner in the untillity room, (same place as his litter tray) finish eating... walk past his tray, then take a pee on a coat... he does it on anything some clothes or even a bed or once... my dads laptop bag... he got pretty mad at that... hes also ruined a duvet of mine on a brand new bed)

2) When we feed the 3 cats (2 other cats are male both nurtured) he will eat his bowl down as fast as he can then move to another bowl and will try and eat from the last bowl if theres any left, only to walk 5 feet out the room to puke it all back up again, clearly because he ate so much. whats really sick is that he even tryes to eat his own vomit...

3) If you stroke him he will purr and act friendly... even if he comes to sit on you... only to randomly without warning, suddenly attack you

4) he attacks the other 2 cats without reason or warning. they seem fine at times... only to just lash out at them even if they have been in the same room for however long... he just gets up runs over and attacks..

5) ok this one is quite bad, he sometimes has crap around is butt that he doesn't clean, and it builds up over time, he does not seem to keep himself clean at all! my mum has to wipe him clean because he wont do it himself! i don't think ive ever seen him groom at all!

Any advice to help this poor animal? its almost as if hes got some sort of cat mental disability. if we cant fix this we are going to have to try and re home him or something, we cant keep him if he keeps peeing every ware, the house stinks!!
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Thats a bad Cat. Not sure what to say. My Yoshi peed all over no matter what I did until the day he was Pts. Yoshi was sick though but he always did that before he got sick. Even though he peed all over I wish he would have lived and the Vet would have been wrong.
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there's a sticky on aggression here.
about the other stuff: cats don't like to eat & potty in the same place. move either the box or the dishes. there's a sticky about inappropriate peeing here.
btw, has he been to the vet since the peeing started? male cats in particular are somewhat prone to UTIs - this can cause inappropriate peeing.
pooping, same type of thing - if it's a relatively new behavior, a vet might find a medical reason why.
last - if he's healthy [per vet] & you've moved the dishes or box & it's still a problem - i recommend the CatAttract litter or additive for litterbox retraining. it's done wonders w/Chip's 'bed dumps'.
if there are other behaviors that i missed, check out this sticky.
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I have a kitty like this. I was just talking about her to the vet yesterday. He said there are some cats like this, just not right in the head.

Izzy pees on everything. I have paper towels taped to the bottom of almost everything in my house. She has already ruined my laminate living room floor. ( going to be expensive to replace as I will have to tile or go with sealed hardwood) She also beats up the other cats for no reason. She will literally run through the house to go pound on one of the other cats that is sound asleep in another room.

What I have found that is helping is to have her on Prozac. She pees less and is not as aggressive towards the other cats. The only problem is that she has now been on it for three months and I need to take her off. I don't think long term use has been ok'ed in cats.

There is another medicine called Buspar that is supposed to help too. I am thinking about seeing if I can switch her over to this if she gets really bad again once she is off the Prozac.

The liquid Prozac is very inexpensive, I think like $5.00 for a really big bottle. However it makes Izzy drool really bad. I have her compounded into "chews" which she will eat if I chop them up and put them in her wet food.

I know how you feel about being at your wits end. I have seriously considered having Izzy euthanized. She is just not happy, on top of making this household a nightmare for everyone else too. At this point I am starting to think that long term medication is the best choice. Even if it shortens her lifespan, it is better than the alternatives. At least she will be happier.

I am sorry you and your kitty are having to go through this too. It is sad and upsetting for everyone.
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My Husband says Yoshi was messed up in the head because the things he did. He would act weird sometimes besides the Peeing. i sure both your Cats can be helped. I have Yoshis Mom and she has never done anything like that.
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Have you taken him to the vet for a thorough examination? There are many medical issues that can cause such behavior.
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Is he eating in the same space/room as his litter box. Cats usually will choose another place to go if the litter is too close to the food. How many litter boxes do you have? The general recomendation is one for each cat plus one. Having them in different areas will help. Clean the places he has already gone with an enzyme cleaner to get it all out so he will not go back to that spot.

I have a cat that eats fast and too much. I do not leave food out. At meal time maybe you could feed him in a separate room. It is supposed to help if you raise the food bowl some. I put the bowl on top of a book when he eats to raise it some.

Maybe going through the introduction method again will help, not sure. You could do this even if they have known each other for a long time.

I have not experienced much more that will help. Good luck.
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Originally Posted by Zane's Pal View Post
Have you taken him to the vet for a thorough examination? There are many medical issues that can cause such behavior.
I would do this first
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Sounds similar to my cat. He bites whenever he pleases, usually without warning. He also pees everywhere, though he does suffer with uti's. He is also aggressive towards my other cats and stands over all the food bowls at meal times so the other cats can't get to any food, as he is boss they won't push past him, they have to wait til he has finished. I think he has some jealousy issues, amongst other things. He is a real nuisance sometimes.
He doesn't do the crap thing though, thank goodness.
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Vet first. definitely.

Then you could also try a "Comfort Zone" diffuser (or one similar) with the pheremone "Feliway" in it. It's supposed to calm cats down to reduce: eliminating out of litterbox, aggression, and eating problems. If you combine that w/ Cat Attract litter and enzyme cleaner that may help.

Also, try feeding him smaller portions (more often though like 3x instead of 2x a day) and in a separate room. That may help his "scarfing". Someone once recommended to me that I should put a rock in Luna's dry food bowl which forces her to eat more slowly. So, i dunno if that would help...?

As for the bath thing, they sell these Cat "Wipees" that are like quick baths. You could get a pack of those and when he leaves the litterbox just grab him and wipe him down real quick. Then wash your hands (of course haha). THe bath wipes are really great. and they smell nice =)

That's about all the advice I have. But yes...definitely, definitely vet visit!
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