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cat aggression

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We have 2 beautiful cats who had kittens, we gave the kittens away but one of them came back from the new owner with another cat. The one that came back was a male, and the other is a female. It turns out that we not only got two extra cats, the female was pregnant from the male... she is only 8 months old and had a litter of 5 kittens. Everything was fine at first, but eventually the female became aggressive against one of our original cats, and we thought it would end when the kittens were gone... it didn't, now she frequently attacks her and stalks her. Is there any way to address this problem, or do i have to let the attacker go... she's a gorgeous little grey collered cat and we would prefer to keep her... would getting her fixed help the problem???

Thanks for you reply..

And keep on catting....

Justin Peel
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Well, all pet cats should be spayed or neutered; that should go without saying. There are so many unwanted kittens around that unless you are breeding pedigreed show cats there is no reason to keep an 'intact' one. The males will just keep making kittens and the females will keep having them.

Also, spayed males and females are much less prone to many diseases. Uterine and ovarian cancer for the females, testicular and prostate cancer for the males.

Neutered males are less aggressive and less prone to roaming (if outdoor cats) or attempting to escape (if indoor.) Spraying and other terretorial behavior is also much more charactaristic of intact than neutered males.

Even if spaying doesn't cure the problem at hand, it is what responsible pet owners do.
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Sounds like a dominance thing which is normal especially between unrelated females.
I agree with Zane's Pal about fixing your cats though.
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