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For Little One...

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Today, on my lunch break, I was so happy to come visit you and your sisters and brothers at your house! Born but a few days ago, you were all so sweet and cute. We didn't want to disturb your mum though, so we watched from afar. Little One, we noticed you weren't moving like the other kits. We picked you up and realized you had been sent to the Rainbow Bridge. Oh, Little One, your little black coat and little black paws looked so weak, but you looked so peaceful. You were lifeless, but you were no longer in pain. We cried when we first found you, for we'll never see you grow up to look out the window, and we'll never see you bask in the sunshine. But then we remembered that you will grow big, at the Rainbow Bridge, and you won't be in pain and you won't have to fight the bigger kits for your supper. You'll make lots of friends and you'll run and play and sleep all day.

I feel silly writing this, oh Little One, but it helps me, and I hope you know up there at the Bridge that you are loved.

Little One - March 14 - March 19 2003
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Sometimes it's even harder when a little one doesn't make it. We so wish that they could have had a chance at life, to romp and play with its littermates, and feel the tender touch of its mother. But when a kitten dies that young it is often because of a birth defect that is not visible to us. It's possible that Little One would never have been able to walk or eat normally. Nature seems to cull these poor babies. Nevertheless, I know how much it hurts. I've been there, and have shed many tears in the same situation. God bless and comfort you.
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God bless you and the little one.
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Oh Jenn, that's so sad. Little One is at the Bridge, growing strong. I can see him with a Mama Cat who was taken too soon and missed her own Little Ones.
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It is always hard to accept the loss of the little ones. But it sounds like Little One went in peace, and that is a blessing. I am sure that one day you will be reunited with Little One, and that Little One will readily jump into your lap and purr in your ear.

I am sorry for your loss..
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