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Four Years Ago I Lost My Dear Friend and Companion (Remembering Wilda)

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Twenty years ago, my ex-husband showed up at my door with a young cat, asking me to keep her for the summer because of his temporary living arrangements. The cat was pregnant and had four babies in my closet.

The mother had mastitis and two of her babies died. I hand-fed the other two, my boyfriend at the time kept one kitten and this is the one I kept.

Wilda just born:

Wilda a few months old:

Wilda with her "I am superior to you because I am above you" expression:

Wilda giving me her lovey-dovey look:

Eight years after I got Wilda, our daughter was born, and they shared the same birthday.

I miss you my dear friend. You were my family, my companion, and my nurse when I was ill. I think of you every day and I will always love you and remember you, my sweet little girl.
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Thank you for sharing that story about Wilda - it was so sweet She was a lovely girl Rest in Peace Precious Wilda
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What a beautiful Tribute to Wilda

RIP Wilda
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What a lovely girl was your sweet Wilda! Remembering is bittersweet.

RIP Angel Wilda
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RIP Wilda
She sure was a Pretty Cat.
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Oh that is so special that she shared a Birthday with your daughter, kind of like an extra for you to know she was meant to be with you.
Wilda could not have been any more gorgeous

Rest in Peace Wilda

Hugs to you, Cat.
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Wilda was so lovely. I know how much you must miss her.

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She was so pretty!
That`s so nice that you have photos of her as a new born kitten and I would never have guessed she would have grown into such a fluffy cat from her kitten pic.

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Wilda was so beautiful! Thank you for sharing your sweet, precious girl with us.
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What a beautiful majestic.....Rest in Peace, Wilda A lovely tribute to your lovely girl.....
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aww, rest in peace Wilda.
i am sure that she is keeping a eye out for you.
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Thanks for share this hard feelings with us... as well Fran said, is bittersweet sometimes to remember something inevitable!....
Wilda, Meowmy miss you, and Iยดm so sure you miss her!
God Bless you soul Wilda!
With all respect RIP sweet angel..
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You and beautiful Wilda had a very special connection....
your touching tribute brought tears to my eyes.
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