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Juno is 8 weeks old *Cuteness Warning*

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"Hi everybody. This my stick"

"I can fly!"

"I eat camera. K?"

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She definitely needed a cuteness warning! That little sweet face of hers sure can make you smile
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OMG she is so cute!
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OHHH when do you need a sitter ::?????
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Originally Posted by sharky View Post
OHHH when do you need a sitter ::?????
I'll trade you Izzy the Bichon for Juno!
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She is adorable! I didn't realize she was so young when you got her. Socialize the crap out of her! My dog Lucy was adopted at 6 weeks and still has some bite inhabition problems.
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Ahhhh - be still my beating heart! and I just love the name!!!! I watched that movie the other day. Such a personality!

Thanks for sharing. We may be adopting a Beagle pup here soon... they were born last week.

I love the animation in those pictures! A bundle of energy! Such little cuties puppies are!
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Great pictures, love the little pink tongue poking out.
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I came in here specifically looking for new Juno pics because I need a smile. You sure didn't disappoint! My gosh, she is a DOLL! I can almost smell that sweet puppy breath from here.
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She just keeps getting cuter!
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YAY!!! More Juno pics!!!

That is one happy puppy!!!! She makes me smile and laugh and say "awwwwwww" to the computer.
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I want her!
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WhiteCat - I already have dibs on babysitting her if they come to Minnesota

A love the sticking tongue out and some of them should be cropped down and made into 8 x 10's!

Give hugs from our house to Juno (World's Cutest Puppy).

You know if they ever have a Cutest Puppy contest in your area - you really should enter her - can't see how the judges would not make her 1st place !
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oh to be that cute!

she is an absolute sweetheart, how could anyone not love her!
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I agree she gets cuter with every picture I had some trouble getting them to open, and almost threw the laptop cuz I really needed a Juno fix. Keep those pictures coming!!
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More Juno pics!!!!!

Aaaackkk, she is just too cute!
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What a precious little girl!
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