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Good News...

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Dh just got a promotion...again!!! His boss the Head Local Resource Planning Manager just moved up and kevin is taking his spot as Head LRP So tonight we are celebrating with Hot Wings, Chips and homemade salasa and some drinks!!!
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Yay!!!! congratulations!!
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WTG Brandi's DH

Enjoy the celebration!!
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Thanks Guys!! We are having several friends over...I have to put the kitties up though If I dont Im afraid they will get the drinks and salsa...They have their own room though with pillow perches to look out the windows and several cat trees....and they are getting a special treat to celebrate too...their favorite kitty food
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Thats great!! Congratulations to your husband!
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Im excited but Ive got so much to do
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Brandi, that's wonderful! Congratulations to you both!
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