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Any auto mechanics???

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As our truck has a bit over 70,000 miles we are going to invest in some maintenance as we might be keeping it a while yet.

We usually would have gotten a new one by know but with me doing landscaping we didn't want to mess up a new one.

Anyhow I am replacing the tires and getting an alignment in the next week or two.

Neil wants to get new spark plugs and didn't know is there were a premium type to get for better performance. Same with air filter.
Don't know what else we should do.

Its a 2002 Ford F150 I think the 4.6 V8-its not the 5.4 I know that. We only pull the trailer (21 ft double axle) perhaps 15 times/yr.

Any suggestions would be great!!
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At only 70000 miles, you shouldn't have to do much to it. The spark plugs and air filter and maybe an oil change when it needs it and it should last you a while. For spark plugs, I would recommend JEGS. I have used them for a while and they work great for me. For air filters, all I can say is stay away from K'nN filters. They are pretty much the worst air filters on the market. They do a half decent job of cleaning the air, but they are designed poorly and make it harder for air to flow through and they rob your vehicle of performance. Just go with the traditional Fram paper air filters. They still work the best.
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Neil changes the oil and we have used Mobil One since we bought the truck in 2002.
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Ok I've never had any problems with Mobil One. The truck should last your for a few years at least before you have to do anything significant to it.
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That engine doesn't REQUIRE spark plug replacement until 100,000 miles. If you DO replace them, you need platinum plugs, because they need to last for a long time, and they are really a pain to get at. I wouldn't plan on doing it yourself.

Be sure to use the recommended 5w-20 oil, or whatever it calls for. That engine was famous for the "knock of death" developing early on, due to piston skirt collapse. The thinner oil will protect it from that. Yeah, I know it pains us guys to put in such thin oil, but that's what Ford requires.

Be sure to check the air filter, also.

If you are putting a heavy load on the engine (pulling a trailer, or something like that), you need to replace the transmission fluid and filter, if you haven't already.
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I too, have always hated K&N filters.
I stick with Ford's own Motorcraft, and Fram filters.
I used Fram's high mileage oil filter at my last oil change, won't know how well (or not) it works for a few hundred miles.

Personally, I do not change plugs before reccomended mileage, I do check them though and clean/regap when needed, and unless dry-rotted or burnt, I only change plugwires when I change plugs.
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If you do a search on Fram filters, you'll find they come out pretty low in most ratings. I don't remember how that applies to the high-mileage version.

Oddly, Wal-Mart's house brand has been rated one of the best oil filters available. Assuming, of course, they carry the one for your vehicle.
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We would have the plugs changed as Neil knows they are too difficult to get to. I'll let him know about the tranny filter/fluid.

There is a small shop in town where the owner is quite good and fast on getting service work done vs having to wait around at a dealership. So I could ride my bike home!!
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OK, but I should mention I have heard several horror stories of non-Ford mechanics stripping out the spark plug threads on these engines.

Oh, and I don't work for Ford. I just happen to have one! (Well, two if you count the hot rod.)
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We have a 2002 F150. I will see if I can talk to my brother. He is a Mechanic and should know what to do. He dosent live near me though.
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Originally Posted by mrblanche View Post
Oh, and I don't work for Ford. I just happen to have one! (Well, two if you count the hot rod.)

Ok, now I want pics

I'm a Ford gal, with two Ford Auth. Mechanics for brothers.

No, Fram generally isn't great, but I'd choose them over K&N filters any day, I'll have to check out the Wally World stuff.
My old truck is due for a tune-up as well, but I'll let a mechanic do it as I can't do maint beyond a wax job here in the park.
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