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Post your Funny Kitty Photos! :)

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Lets see your funny kitties! Cats are so silly! Cats bring on the best laughs!

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That first one is hilarious!

Ok, heres a few of Kitty.

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Originally Posted by Jaffacake View Post
That first one is hilarious!
Thank you! That photo makes us laugh everytime we see it Sage was being an extra silly boy that day!
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Here's Popsie hanging out in my filing cabinet.
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Pixel wanted to know what was in the box...

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My gosh, Pixel could double for a skunk!
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
My gosh, Pixel could double for a skunk!
hence one of my sigs...

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hehe, here's my lot LOL!

well, this one's more cuteee than funny! my Sparkle!

a kitty i used to have, Simba! he live's with my aunty now!

Sparkle, Glamorous & Simba!

Izzy, getting closeee!

Izzy smiling LOL!

Glamorous, sleeping in a WEIRD position!
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Gizzy and the "ewww thats gross" face

Chestnut and the "get that thing out of my face" face

And my all time fave, Chestnut telling Gizmo he doesn't like him lol (I'll get over this pic eventually, I PROMISE...)
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Kiko and his girlfriend.


Kiko as a redhead .....

I have no idea why they all had to have a different window.

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Lil' Jag (our current comic)

Kuce and Luvbug (our two current elders)

All 3 together - a special treat.

Luvbug and Lil' Jag (No not related)
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I love these threads! Great pictures to look at, and ofcourse a few to add!
Maia at her best..............

CeCe at her best.........

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Those are all soooo adorable - what a wonderful thread
Here's Joey seeing if that palm rootstock from the beach smells like a relation:

and JC caught in the act -a rare sight - he RARELY gets caught...a real stealth Ninja boy

And - JC's hint that someone has poo'ed in a "pee only" box - he has managed to drag the kittens' clay litter & put it into his chicken feed/clumping blend
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Originally Posted by cheylink View Post
LOVE this one!
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Heres my funny kids


Rosie's passing gas pose



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Lili, newest foster, missing daddy while hes at work
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Great pics everyone
Joey: Ahhhhh it's cold

Mario: What, don't all kitties do yoga!!

Lucia: Yuck

Sophia: What the heck

Sev channeling Hugh Hefner
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Here are some of my clowns at their best

"I'm SURE that my dirt is down there somewhere!"

"Ok...so where's the magic?"

So when Daddy asks how it got broken...you know the story...RIGHT!

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found a few more...
Chip, caught in an unusual position...

Java - "No pictures, meowmy - I didn't do my hair yet!"

Cable - "La-la-la-la-la"

Firefox - my, what big teeth you have!

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These are all great!
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Beauty relaxing in a position that has GOT to be uncomfortable!

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I posted these in my other thread about how my girls have grown, but it is appropriate here too!

and a couple more

I don't wan't you typing, pet me instead

Let me sleep!
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Here's Daphne as a kitten

I have more but couldn't let this thread go by without posting this photo
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Found some more (and added captions to them

That is the LAST TIME I use the catnip! (she won't touch it now)

OOPS! You've caught me drinking out of the bath!

I don't like this!
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Everyones kitties are so silly! Cats are awesome!
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Those pictures are soo funny!

Here are a few of mine to add!

Kojak being a wise guy

He enjoys dressing like a blue elephant when he thinks nobody's watching

My mommy says i'm smart!

I asked him if he would share his toy with me and this is the response i got!

Isabella...i believe she was catching an invisible mouse in this one lol

Isabella's scarry face

"Jasmine! You're squishing me!"

"I'm to sexy for my fur..."

Jasmine thinks she's too sexy for her fur too!

Jasmine giving her "baby" Isabella kisses! Aww soo cute!


This is what happened when Fosters, our Australian Shepherd tried to give Velvet a big ole' sloppy kiss right upside her head (he has since learned that Velvet does not like big ole' sloppy kisses upside her head)

Velvet and her giraffe
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A few of my goofy former foster kitties!

Harley singing opera!

Kitten! It's what's for dinner!

Magnum as a kitten- this is how he would sleep lol!

Ruger after i gave him a bath- he was not pleased

I eated the baby food ma!

Got Milk?

nom nom nom nom nom

paint them pink please! i want them to match my collar!

All of the babies and their "daddy" (Fosters adores foster kittens!)
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