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Aww. What a beautiful cat! I like the yawn picture best!
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yeah he yawns a lot because he's always sleeping!
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Man you scared the crap out of me!!I was real close to my coumpter,when that came up!!
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ashton up close!
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lilly upclose
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Siamese close up
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This is one of the best threads I've seen here!!

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I love all these pictures- especially the ones of Roo & Tigger

Come on lets see some more close ups!
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I had a suprise party for Steven last Saturday. One of our friends got ahold of the camera and took this close-up pic of Coco! LOL!!!
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Coco is gorgeous with all that soft fur~~
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OK here is Raffael and in the back is Mozart
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I forgot to say that I like all you pitures they are great .
This is Malachi the big boy , in the back is Thailee
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Mr Nelson...
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and Ms Zoe - cleaning herself!
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Here is my CindySue
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Here's a close up of Simba
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Simba is absolutly gorgeous HopeHacker

This is Thailee
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And Darling , you can see how cross eye she is
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Thailee is just beautiful. I love that wedgy face. What kind of cat is Thailee?

Also, your cat Darling looks like a MUCH younger version of my Snoopy - Snoopy is 18 years young, so he's not quite the handsome guy he was in his youth, but I love him more than life itself. Here's a picture of what Darling will probably look like when she's 18.
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Beautiful close-ups everyone!

Here is Lucy (the little brat)she got in my way when I was trying to photograph her sister
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I love close ups!!

Hope I think its amazing that you have an 18 year old cat. How is Snoopy's health? Just curious... I think if my cats ever get to be this old I would be the biggest worrywort on earth
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Wow Snooy is very beautyfull . 18 years that is a great age for a cat

Thailee is a Oriental Shorthair

Lucy is a very pretty black cat
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Sorry my close-ups aren't very good. It was too dark and the flash went off. It really washes Chewy out. He was soooo cute hanging off the tree when I tried to take his closeup. I wasn't tall enough to get really close...lol
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Also, I thought imagestation had gotten upset about up linking to their site.
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Chewy is so cute
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Here is a picture of my momma, Mittens. It is hard to get a good pic as she doesn't stand still. The only time I can get her still is when she is sleeping on my bed. She still isn't really comfortable out here where the dogs are.
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Thank you Pur. I thought I got a closeup but it really isn't.Dam
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