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Ha Ha that was from his "fat days"

He now weighs 19.1 pounds... still fat, but we're getting him down, if he'll EAT THE SPECIAL FOOD! Silly cat.
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Did anyone else notice that the bird in Lizza's pic is flying backwards? Still, super cool.
Not only that...Lhezzza's signature is having a "Wink Fest" How adorable....AND there's what looks like abutterfly in the Cats eye...
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Tamme - that was so funny. I almost had to break out the Depends for that one.... GoGo is 20lbs now...he doesn't know that , of course...he he he
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Look again... the "butterfly" is a bird. Only it's flying backwards.
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By Joe, It Is A Bird! LOL!
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Here's another favorite pic. I love it when they curl their toes

and p.s. I think it's a butterfly
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AW, Bunny Feets!
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What cute kitty bellies!!!! I love them!!!
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This is our spoiled little princess, Max. She knows exactly how adorable she is, because we tell her so every day!
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And here is a close up of the new guy, Romeo (formerly known as Sparkey)
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Awww! Max and Romeo are adorable!
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I want the black kitty!!! I'm in love!
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here's a close-up of tig I just took a minute ago...
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I think this was WAY too close, don't you??
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A close up from the other end.

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Here's another one of Molly in her condo.

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Here are a few of Faile. She is very active, so it's hard to get her to stay in one spot long enough to take her picture.

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What a pretty girl she is! She could be related to Romeo, with that big foofy tail!
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Beautful cat!!
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ok i couldn't resist posting this..

and here's a link to a big one, didn't want to put it on here because it's.. big.. lol.. you can see where his paw was shaved for when he got neutered..
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Polly decided that he would mug for the camera the other day.
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new close up!
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what a cute itty bitty kitty!
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Awwww Cute!
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I just wanna kiss that widdle nose! How cute!
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Sherral, since you said you wanted to put that adorable pic in this thread I went ahead and merged them for you.

And may I say, what an ADORABLE little baby!!!
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I fianlly got a chance to read through this whole thread and look at the adorable pictures!!!!!! I LOVE them!!!!!! I will have to get busy and get a close up of Merlin soon!!!
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here's a couple of closeups of Homer
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* YAWN * !

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