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I finally got to look at all the great photos, I love closeups. Sid.the.man love your kittys,tuxedo kittys are so beautiful. all the shots are so good. Heres one of Cosmo.
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closeup of my kitty..
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Hedi, I am very happy that you had them mixed up, that makes a Pixie Bob breeder very happy. The Pixie Bob is actually a cross between a bobcat and a domestic cat. That is where they get the look. Here is the latest close up of Amber.
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I like Newman I love kittys that have the white muzzles and those cute pink noses.
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No wonder I mix them up , they sure look almost the same . Now looking at Amber I can see the wildness look in her face . The Pixie Bob don't have that type of wild look like Amber has any more . Still a wild look there , but not the same any more . I hope I make some kind of sense to you .
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great pics!! I simply love the pink noses!
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Of course you make sense That big muzzle and the beard on the side of Amber's face really gives Amber that look. Of course, then there are those huge feet, long body, short tail and those ears
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She is so regal!
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Pretty , pretty and pretty Wonderful pics and very beautiful baby's
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Pawsitively GORGEOUS!
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Here is another of Gus, VERY close up
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I love that picture of Gus!
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Cora, Solaman is beautiful! I love the color of his eye's! Stunning just stunning...
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Cora is such a pretty cat.
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My beautiful boy, Peppurr. Watch your eyes! His shine glares!

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What a GOOOOOOOOOOR-geous fellow!
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What a gorgeous kitty

(BTW.. the first smilie is fainting)
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here's my Dexter
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Here's my little Meeko
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Aww Meeko has such pretty coloring! Your babies are so cute!
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heres my cosmo and newman...love close ups
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Merged these gorgeous close ups with our big close-ups thread.
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Had to update my broken links in an earlier post on this closeup thread, thought I'd put up some new ones of my furrbabies.



Hmmm, can't seem to find any new closeups of Mozart or Kayla, I'll have to remedy that immediately!
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They are all so beautifal, I WANT ONE!
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Piper playing with her favourite ball:

Sleepy Chester:

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