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I try to take pics with no flash too.. they come out so beautiful. Only I have very little natural lighting in my apartment

This is ChiChi, she lives at my parents house. She's 15 and a sweet girl.

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Are her eyes like that natuarally or does she has a sight problem?
Never seen that modulated colour in a cats eye before. She's quite striking.
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They're spots from old age. Vet says her eyesight is fine. My RB cat Sasha also had those brown spots at age 12.
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Yeah, my RB kitty Shasta had them, too, and there was nothing wrong with her sight

Chichi is a very lovely girl -- mind, I do have a major soft spot for torties
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Close up of Leo right before the attack!
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My 18 year old cat Snoopy has spots also. His eyes are blue, and his spots are a darker blue. I try not to use a flash when taking his picture, because if I do, the spots turn red in the flash.
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Blaze up close.

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Another close up of Blaze

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I want to EAT him!! God, he's gorgeous!
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I love all of these closeups! Everyone has gorgeous cats.
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Here's Snowball, it's not the best picture, but you can actually see his eye color in this one! LOL!!!!!
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And here's one more...
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I don't think I'll ever have the skills to get as close as SOME of y'all got! Here's the closest upest pic I have of Cupid.

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Oh, I found another sort of close up. This is one of my favorites.

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My little LC

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I love Cupids paw in that close up!
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I love these pictures
Here is our Little roar. Look at the face
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Here she is again.
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Ok, one more. Even closer, I had a great photo minute with her today. She was really sleepy
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She is SUUUUUUUUUUCH a beautiful girl! Does she like having human faces in her ruff?
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These are as close as we could get to our kittys..

The first one is a little blurry but the other i think turned out OK..

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Here are a couple of Gus taken tonight
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One more!
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They are all very beautiful kitties

I have to say Amber . She has grown since I have seen some pics of her . You can share plenty more pics of Amber

Well , everybody can share more pics of their baby's . As you all know , I love them all
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Actually, the pictures that I just attached are pictures of one of our Pixie Bobs. But yes, Amber has grown a lot as you can see in the pictures in my signature. She is 16 pounds now and about 20 inches long from rump to her shoulders.
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Ooops , it sure look like Amber to me . Sorry about that .
So where is your latest close up from Amber
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Just looked through this thread - WOW everyone has such beauuutiful kitties (I just love Cupid peeking out of the cat scratcher).
Am gladI dont have dial up or I would never have seen them all although I have a feeling it woul dhave been worth it.
Will have to get some of mine up.
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