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Little Sasha kitty!

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what website do you guys link from? I'm really tired of not being able to post my pics like you guys.
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I personally use my friend's site because he is kind enough to let me keep my stuff there.
I know a lot of people seem to use:
http://www.imagestation.com/ because they allow remote linking. And it's FREE!
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Well done Lut, great photo's of your beautiful kitties.
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jgaruba there is imagestation and another one that's similar in name. One of them is better than the other, I understand. One cuts the linking...or something, I don't exactly remember. Do you know of this?
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awww so cute!!
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what website do you guys link from? I'm really tired of not being able to post my pics like you guys.
I use my FTP storage on my website...
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ok I just figured out imagestation, I think. I hope this works...
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I guess that's not how I use it eh?
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ok I think I figured it out...
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I'm so sorry it's so big, I don't know what happened. It wasn't that big before I linked it...
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Hissy - I think I found Kahuna's real dad......see the family resemblance? The nose was a dead give-away.....

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I love the close up pictures.. I need a GOOD camera so it won't get blurry at all!! Beautiful furry faces~~~~
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Tamme, you ALMOST got it! Image Station adds a .orig.jpg on the end of the addy that blocks linking. Just take off the .orig.jpg and use the IMG button or tags, and you got it!
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LOL Kim! Sometimes that could very well be true! Beautiful cats everyone
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These are so cute, I had to add mine.

This is Toby.
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And this is Cheeto.
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Toby & Cheeto - They are so cute. I LOVE THE NAMES....

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Thank you.
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Here is my Trouble girl. I was attempting to take her pic when she decided to walk towards me. The poor thing got an eye full of flash:

And here is Marbles lounging on the top of the fridge:

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from my archives........
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Lhezzza - Too HIP for WORDS!!!!!

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valanhb, thank-you so much for your advice, I fixed it and now you can see it on page four.
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awwww what pretty cats!
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I caught my boy, "Slim" belly UP.......
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ha ha what a cutie!
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Here's a funny one of roo.
Tigger doesn't lie on her back, but here's one of her belly
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Did anyone else notice that the bird in Lizza's pic is flying backwards? Still, super cool. There has to be some relation between GoGo and Roo!
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Tamme! I think Little Itty Bitty Roo has my GoGo beat in the Belly department! OMG...Wiping tears of laughter out of my eyes! What does he weigh again? You know...

WillieWZ: I think Roo and GoGo could get a job a Jenny Craig as the "Before Pictures" LOL!

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