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Scarlett in her dad's arms.....
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Koko on the condo.....
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Little Oscar.....
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Momofmany , you have the cutest pictures of your babies .
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I love these closeups! Gorgeous kitties
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Great pics, everyone! Here's mine:





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This is Jack
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Aww!! What a cute picture. Jack's winking at everybody. I wonder what he's thinking!!!
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Hey!! Jack is winking!!! How absolutely adorable!!!!
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Apparently winking is a cat's way of saying "I love you"

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Thank you guys . I think Jake was taking a little nap there and I started to make somepics .
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Everyone's shots are wonderful!!

Here's a closeup pic of my Punkin-Head Jones

What do I have to do to post from Snapfish here? I use Snapfish top post to other sites, but having trouble here.
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For some reason snapfish doesnt post here. Something with the length of the links I think. I think you could just paste the link without any tags and it will be able to be clicked on, but that's not as good as having the pic show up. You could just attach them to your posts too.

Here's Zoey close up today.

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To link a close up picture of my baby gurl, Aiko.

Those blue eyes just make me melt everytime I look at her!
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Very pretty
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I just LOVE those blue eyes!
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This is frosta

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Originally posted by kitkatz

This is LC
I think if you change those image tags to IMG and /IMG, respectively, enclosed in square brackets, you might have more success. Wanna see da pics!
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I know this isn't a close up, but I had to post this adorable picture that a friend emailed to me.
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OMG! I really laughed at that picture, those two kitties must be spoiled!
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Awwwwww ...... That is toooooo cute for words!!
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Here are some close ups of my cat Shane.
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Here's another, not quite so close.
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And here's the last one.
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OMG Shane almost looks like my Raffael what a pretty kitty .
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I was going to say Shane is some handsome dude, but you know, he seems much too refined a fellow for that. Gorgeous boy!
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