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Thanks! I love playing around with graphics, and trying to see what I can do with photo's. Also, I know a little bit about photography, and hand printing pictures, so I thought I'd see if I could fix this one up a bit.
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They are both beautiful!!
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Thank you Hope. Wish I knew a little more about fixing photos. I tried but I guess I don't have enough things to play with. I only have Infranview and Fototime and Paint. Fototime doesn't have anything to fix photos with. You just download and save and print. I used to have Print shop but it was for Win 95. Don't know if it even had any photo fixes, just making cards and stuff.
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Hermoine, I used Photoshop and a little bit of photo burning knowledge. Basically what I did was darken the entire photo a bit, then I masked the cat, ONLY, and then darkened her and played around with the color a bit, until I could get her looking as normal as I could. I did similar stuff, when hand printing from regular negative. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't.
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This is a close up of Carmella sleeping. She looks like a big ball of fur! (I guess she is!)

Opps! The flash woke her up and Her eyes are half open.
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She's so beautiful. I wish I could have her. Her eyes are a beautiful color.
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I got to use my other camera without a flash and got these this morning.
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here is #2
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Finally a really close up
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Cindy has very beautiful eyes you can fall in love with .
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Mr Nelson again...
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Thanks 3blackcats and PurrfectCatLove for liking Samantha's photo.
I love all of the cat photos here!
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Here are my 11 Kitties

King Arthur:





Ice Man:


Indy Jones:




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Sid_the_Cat_Man - They are ALL beautiful.
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they are all gorgeous pics and cats
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omg more pics of Smoki please!!!

Buni looks like ChiChi at my parents house!

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Moo, Mr. Nelson seems to be saying 'Yes, dah-ling, get me from my good side...'

I love the kitty close ups all! this is a good thread. too bad my camera doesnt do zoom very well, this was the best I could do...

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how cute
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Don't know where hubby stashed all of the pics, but I found these 2 which were taken in the last week.

Here is Merlin
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Here is Pepperpot
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OMG!!! Merlin's eyes are absolutely GORGEOUS!!
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I Merlin! Pepperpot is a cutie too. He looks so intense!
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Oh my, I almost missed Sid the Catman's kitties! They are awesome!
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adymarie, Merlin almost looks airbrushed! wow!
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Awwww..... you all have such gorgeous kitties!
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they are both ver beautifulkitties
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Peaches loves to lay on the All In One.

Pretty close

Very close!
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what a cute face
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