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Originally posted by Frisky Feline
I love cats' noses!!

Me too. They are so cute. I'm going to scan the Em's extream close up somehow today and post it!!!!
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awwww momma is so cute and pretty
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I've only recently stumbled over this board - hope you guys don't mind a newby sharing a pic. Ths is of my 12yo domestic shorthair George. I was attempting to get a closeup profile of him, but he had other ideas.

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ah how cute!!!!!!!
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Extreme closeup of Ivo's milk moustache...

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what a cute nose

BTW Welcome Salamander to TCS
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Thanks for the welcome! I've been looking through my on-line album for close ups of my other two fuzz balls, but all the good ones are too large, and I don't have resizing software on this particular PC. I did locate this one of Selkie though:

She's a good deal more evil than she looks in this picture - she earned the nickname "Kitten from Hell" when she was about three months old, and two years later we still call her that.
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Here is a close-up of my cat Samantha.
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Welcome Salamander
Selkie is a very pretty girl!
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Originally posted by Salamander
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Thanks 3BlackCats. I had intended to stay in lurk mode a little bit longer, but I'm glad I didn't.

Sicycat - I did indeed notice the resemblence of my KfH to your beauties. I'm assuming you have Russian Blues??? My Selkie is a foundling of unknown parentage, but judging from the way she acts, I doubt she's from good "breeding". (Pardon the pun.)
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lol.. no mine arent purebreds but the resemble Russians a bit dont they?

I loveeeee gray cats Selkie is gorgeous.
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Originally posted by Sicycat
I love close ups!!

Hope I think its amazing that you have an 18 year old cat. How is Snoopy's health? Just curious... I think if my cats ever get to be this old I would be the biggest worrywort on earth
Snoopy seems to be in pretty good health. He's really quiet, and is a total cuddle boy. Last year, I had to have all of his teeth removed. Believe me, I worry about him all of the time. I also try to prepare myself for the inevitable, but to be honest, I know I'll fall to pieces when he leaves me. Snoopy is the sweetest cat in the world, at least in my opinion, and in the opinion of everyone who has met him.
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Samantha is a cutie She looks like she has black eyliner around her right eye
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wow I have missed a lot just in a short time

Salamander Selkie sure looks like he is thinking of something like how can I do something to pick on my human BTW she is a very pretty cat .

Vermontcat your Samatha is absolutly beautiful
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Thanks. Unfortunately, she knows it, which means she thinks she can get away with murder. I had originally planned to get another black-and-white unit, like my other two, but then a friend of mine came over with this "dump" from her clinic and asked if I was interested. How could you look at that face and say, "No, I really wanted a black and white kitten."?

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Salamander you can download IrfanFiew it is free , this is how I make my pics smaller .
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what a cutie
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CindySue (3 Mos)
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Sammycat doing his thing
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Here's Peppurr! It's not a close up, but it's to cute not to share!

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awwww they are all to cute
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I tried some more closeups but all I get is washed out. I can't shut off the flash.
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Hermoine have you try to turn out the light , or maybe dim the light ?
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So I tried something else. Not much in the way of seeing his personality but is different.
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thats cute and interesting
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There wasn't much light, that is why the flash went off. My camera is a cheapie and there is no way to turn off the flash. My other camera doesn't have a flash but won't work in the low light.
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It's ok , I still like both pics of your sweetie
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Hermoine, I tried playing around with Photoshop a little bit on the first picture, and I think it's a little clearer. I don't know if I got the color right, but I hope this is a little less washed out of your kitty.
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wow Hope , you did a great job with that
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