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Question of the Day - April 22nd!

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Good morning everyone! I'll be taking over the Question of the Day on Tuesdays from now on.

I apologize greatly if this question has already been asked, I need to go back and look at the past questions!

Now that it's getting warmer... what is your favorite thing about summer?

Mine is getting to spend more time outdoors, the nicer weather, the longer days. I love being able to play with my dogs outside and work with the horses more. I also love that we get to travel to southern Kentucky for John's family reunion every June, that little town is one of my favorite places in the world!
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Most definitely spending time outside!!! I'm planning on all of these garden and kitty run ideas! I was raking the lawn and can't wait to get the mower out! Once we are safe from frost I'm getting some flowers for outside
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Its nice being able to spend time outside again...My favorite is taking the kitties out in their enclosure, working in the garden, going for walks in the woods, & taking nature photos
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Hanging outside on the deck in the evening when its not TOO HOT, and watching the cats running around in the fenced in yard
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Hmmm, just one thing?

Well, I love that it`s light at about half 3 in the morning and that it stays light till 10pm, so the longer days
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Sitting outside on the deck with Harley & Bayley - and of course, motorcycle riding
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Spending more time outside - either with the dog, or us all going for walks, etc. Just seeing nature and everything that God created. You wind up seeing something new every day

Oh and grilling supper - DH loves to do that. He was gonna grill last nite, but got rained out!
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Ahhh...summer! My favorite things...

HOT weather, LONG days, cook outs and pool parties, going tubing down the springs,going to the beach, and my birthday and anniversary!!

Summer rocks!!!
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camping, more photos...
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I also love that it is lighter later, i don't feel like that whole day is over when I get home from work
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swim......and walk!.......

And eat icecreams!...
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Swimming .......... as Katie said, that it stays lighter longer ..... seeing people out and about more ........ enjoying a nice cold drink sitting outside with famiy outside.
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I love sitting in my sunroom, in the evenings, with the windows open, listening to the windchimes and reading a book. The girls love watching the birds, squirrels and bunnies from the windows. I even enjoy sleeping out there on warm summer nights.
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I like going in the Spa. We like to go to Fairs and Festivals. We like to Bbq too. We like going to baseball games.
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Sitting on a patio having a smoke and a drink. Just as the sun is going down.
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We're coming into winter over here :P But my favourite thing about summer is probably the long days. And not feeling cold when I wake up!
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More time off with my son during Summer break is what I look forward too!

In AZ we cringe at the thought of summer!
Right now is a great time to open up the doors at night, and I do!
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Not having to wear a heavy coat!

And wearing my flip-flops.
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Originally Posted by bnwalker2 View Post
Now that it's getting warmer... what is your favorite thing about summer?
am a TOTAL summer girly! i loveee it hehe, i like going for nice car drive's, walk's with my partner, going to the beach, zoo, safari park's! let's just say, i LOVE being out when it's sunny hehe!
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I'll have to go with going to the beach ... since I hate South Carolina summers with a passion, the only thing that keeps me sane is hitting up Isle of Palms with hubby!

Oh, and this summer our house will be built!!
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The only thing I DON'T love about summer are all those insects!

I'm definitely a warm-weather person!

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Swimming, taking long walks with my dogs, horse back riding, planting flowers, etc. summer is a long way around the corner here, though since we got a huge dump of snow.
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I actually hate summer...and winter. I'm more of a spring/fall girl. To me the perfect temp is 70-75 degrees (sorry, don't know how to convert that to celcius, but you get the idea).

The best thing about summer is that hour you get after the sun goes behind the mountains but you still have light and spend that time playing with the dogs, or doing yard work. Oh, and the feeling of walking into your air conditioned house (or any other building) after driving for 45 minutes in a car that has NO aircon and only has 1 back window that will go down 3 inches (the rest will not go down AT ALL!) Yeah, DH has heard about that recently. I suffered with that all last summer, but now I have to drive twice as far to work....and leave at 6:00pm, so can we say a sauna?? Yeah, I'm not looking forward to the hot temps.
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