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The escape artists

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Well on Thursday Bella's kittens will be 4 weeks old. They started venturing out of the box and I decided it was time to move them into a safer environment. It seemed to make Bella nervous that they were attempting to climb out of the box and she started moving them behind the t.v. She had not moved them at all before then. I purchased an extra large pet yard for them and they seem to love the extra room. But the best news is Bella has not attempted to move them at all since relocating them. Yesterday I put a 1inch high litter box in there with a tiny piece of Bella's poop from her box...but no luck so far. I noticed from the litter they have been in there box but no attempts at use yet. They are growing and developing so fast. They play and interact with each other....wresting, batting and chasing each other around. They are so fun to watch. I would sit and watch them all day if I could.
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It's amazing how quickly they grow. Pennie's kittens were 5 weeks old yesterday. The last week has catapulted their growth! They look bigger daily, and explore like crazy. They've even started climbing my jeans!! Yikes!!
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Where are the pics....we NEED to see pics I'm having a major "Kitten-Jones" just visualizing those little cuties
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Mine have started climbing my pants too... only on the inside.

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Twix's litter was 5 weeks old yesterday, they are super fun to watch too. They've started to play with kitty toys and love the little plastic balls - which is hilarious when they're in the playpen! It's like a kitty pinball machine!
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