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Cat suddenly doesn't like treatment

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I wrote about Bob on the asthma thread below. We've had a setback. He now will not let me near him with the Aerocat mask. He had been fussy about it before but would ultimately submit and let me administer the inhaler. The last few nights he's been hissing and putting his paws up, and giving me a hard time whenever I try to wrap him in a towel. After reading the thread about Persi I'm afraid that he'll hurt me and be taken away. (Maybe I'm just paranoid.) I really want this treatment to work but I don't need a stressed out kitty who doesn't want to be around me. Any ideas? I've tried treats and catnip but he still is resistant.
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Many people dealing with chronic conditions find great support and practical advice when they are able to discuss issues with others who are "in the same boat". These people, like you, are dealing day-to-day with the same condition, have experience and, have likely dealt with this problem successfully.

One such groups is here:

(It will never replace TheCatSite, though!)
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Thanks - I just joined. I'm just so afraid he's going to hurt me out of fear. He has claws - and knows how to use them!
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I hope the Meds work out.
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I've tried a different tact that seems to work. Around 7PM (after everyone has eaten) I take him into the bathroom. I put the towel out and attempt to wrap him. If he's resistant after a few tries I just let him sit, telling him he's a good boy and that the door won't open until he's had his meds. After a few minutes he moves over to the towel. I don't try to wrap him immediately, and I do leave the mask out in case he wants to sniff. I pet him and continue to praise him, and sometimes go about my business (brushing teeth, cleaning contacts, etc.) Then I gently wrap him and put the mask on. He's still resistant but not fighting and stressed out. When we're done I then immedately open the door and he's fine for the night.
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That's good to hear.

It sounds a little like what I do to get one into a carrier.

If I just bring it into the room and plunk it down, he'll head for the hills.

If I don't react in any way and just go on about my business, before I know it, he's lying comfortably inside.
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