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Daily Thread EARTH DAY Tues April 22nd!

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Happy Earth Day everyone!!

Its going to be a wonderful day here today. 21 degrees and nothin but sun

Nothin much going on today..might head to the mall after work. I still need some shoes and a purse to go with my little skirt.

I hope you all have a great one!
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Happy Earth Day to you too!

I think you're right about it being a beautiful day!!! Our foster kitty, Digit/Snickers, of 10 days had her kittens in the wee hours this morning. So far 4 beautiful kiddies! Our other foster, Twix, had her kittens on St Patrick's Day. Must be something about holidays! Now I'll have to come up with Earth Day names!

PS - hope you find the perfect shoes!!!
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Afternoon A lovely sunny day here and i can't wait to get home to sit in the conservatory with the kids
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Sunny and a bit humid this morning with a high of 70F but T-storms this afternoon.
I have a quick pruning job at a business and have to do a couple things at another place.

Have to squeeze in some grocery shopping then tonite I have a class on making your own natural home products (for cleaning).

Worked with my ISP provider for a couple hours yesterday afternoon hopefully I have everything fixed -we will see....

Have a good one!!
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Morning All!!!

Nice morning here as well.

Heading off to work in a bit, nothing to pressing to take care of today so it should go fairly quickly.

Nothing special planned for this evening maybe sit out on the deck for a bit then an early night..

The kitties are good this morning, Linus is trying to wrap himself around his scratching post. Sassy is sitting in his shoe box watching and Pixie is giving herself a bath...

Everyone have a great day
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Was a fab day here. Rain, rain - always love the rain. It's so ... healing, isn't it?
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Hi all!
Lovely sunny day here, again. Sarah, you can keep all that rain down under thanks!
I got up early and went swimming and was feeling very healthy, so I counteracted that by having a yummy bowl of strawberries and whipped cream for breakfast.
Happy Earth Day everyone. Go hug a tree!
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Hey hey hey - happy earth day to you all!

Sitting at home feeling a bit sorry for myself today because my back is screaming blue murder at me chasing up the uni AGAIN - oh and completely failing to get my rollerskates. It'll have to wait until the end of the month.

Cat landed on my head today (I was a convenient landing pad while walking past) so I now have a scratch on my nose and one only just above my right eye - I was really lucky. The weather is glorious!! So that's a cheer-me-up
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