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Thread Starter I just dont get this article, its well known that cougars are often found in this area the past few years. But every time the dept of ag finds "inconclusive evidence" kinda like they are hiding the truth. But i know for a personal fact there are cougars in our area i saw one on the way home about a month ago and, my sister, nephew and I came face to face with one at the lake a couple summers ago. We were fishing at night on a floating dock which was decently well lit. Earlier in the night we had seen a armaidllo in the parking lot, and my sister decided she had to pee, i told her i wasnt ready to leave, just go up behind the truck. About a minute after she walked up to the truck she started telling me she heard something in the weeds at the side of the parking area. I told her it was just the dillo to leave it alone and do her business. But finally i went to investigate. I walked across the parking area to a brushy area bordered by a 50 foot rock cliff with my trusty maglight in hand to maybe scare off the dillo so she could pee and i could go back to fishing. I had left my nephew sitting on the center of the dock and told him not to move. As i aproached the brush i could hear something bigger than a dillo moving so i stopped. I started slowly sweeping my light down the line of brush as i heard a very deep low growl and a hiss at the exact moment my light found this huge cougars face walking towards me out of the brush slowly. I yelled at my sister to get bub and get inside the truck. I slowly backed away keeping the light full blast in its eyes hoping to blind it. Once inside the truck we called the police. By the time they arrived the cat was gone, but they said they knew he was out there because several people had seen him and found tracks around the lake. But once again the dept of ag couldnt prove it was definatly a cougar. I know for a fact what i saw that night. Why would they wanna hide the fact they are around?