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Cats aggressive towards other cats and people :|

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hi im new and i have a few questions.

I have 3 female cats, ages 15(shelby), almost 3(kohana), and 2-3ish(juno).

basically, kohana and shelby have never really gotten along ever since we got kohana from my grandma as a kitten about 3 years ago from a farm in minnesota. kohana is also aggressive towards people. she has that over-stimulation aggression where if you pet her for too long she lashes out. sometimes you could just be walking by and she'll jump at you and "hug" and bite your leg and run away, and sometimes she lashes out at my younger sisters, and it kinda gets my parents mad. lol.

juno is a stray who showed up on our porch one day a few months ago, already spayed and declawed. she is a big cat but doesnt seem that old, just large. almost panther-like lol. but she seems to be lashing out at shelby and kohana too.

so anyway, my parents are stressing out over the cat-on-cat-on-cat-sometimes-on-person smackdowns that have been going on. I'm also the only one who really seems to get the most amount of tolerance out of kohana, as i am the most animal-inclined person in the house (my parents call me the ceasar milan of the house lol) but i need help figuring out how to curb the aggression. i know the watch for the signal deal for petting and stuff but the unprovoked attacks kinda get me.

if anyone has any tips it would be greatly appreciated!!

and sorry this was so lengthy lol
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Kohana acts like my Go. I don't think they're being mean. It's more like rough playing with cats and humans than attacking them.
Go is turning 2 this June so he is in his adolescence. Sometimes he listens, sometimes he does not. On the subject of pouncing on people, I say NO and hiss. If it still does not work, I stare at him and blow on his face. If he bites (more like nips) I do not react by pulling away or shouting. I go limp and ignore him. He lets go and walks away in shame When he goes after the other cats, I let them handle him. I have no problem with it because he is facing 10 of them.
About the lashing out when being petted, the secret is to stop before he reacts. If he tolerates petting for 5 minutes, stop at 4.
Hope I helped.
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