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Male or Female Kitten?

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I have owned several female cats, but have no experience with owning male cats. My only experience is neighboring cats spraying my house! Do I dare adopt a male kitten?
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Spraying happens usually in un-neutered males who are territorial. I have a male kitten, Jack, and he is the best cat I've ever been around. He was neutered around 3 or 4 months and he's never sprayed anything.

You should be fine adopting a male kitten AS LONG as you get him neutered at an early age, (six months is best). I've noticed that male cats are more often lapcats than female, too.
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Male vs. Female doesn't matter.

Spraying happens in unaltered cats, spaying/neutering is a must!

Spraying can occur in altered cats, but it is often caused by Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs). That's a medical condition that makes it painful to urinate....just imagine how bad they are for people, a cat can only tell you what's wrong by peeing all over.
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In my experience, altered male cats are the best! They dont have a worry in the world. They're not preoccupied with escaping and hunting or obsessed with mating. They just want a little scritch behind the ear or rub on the tummy. Oh! and treats

That said I love my females too... but I am partial to da males

And I agree... my males never sprayed, they were both neutered just before they were 6 months old.
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My Male Peed all over my House and he was fixed at 2.5 Months old. My Brother Males Spray everything and they are Fixed too. I think it depends on the Cat. My Sister has Cocos Son and he is Fixed. He has never Sprayed anything. Yoshi never sprayed but he Peed all over. It might be because he was Dying.
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Obviously it will depend on the cat, but here are my two cents. We have three kittens - two of which are male. We got them fixed about two weeks ago (they are about 7 months old) and have had no problems with them at all. They never sprayed or anything, so that has not been a concern, but they are so much more chilled out and relaxed than our girl kitten (who was altered about two months ago).

My husband has had cats his entire life and he has always said his girl cats are a bit more standoffish - lovely and wonderful, but very much about things on their own terms. His boys, on the other hand, have always been these relaxed, chilled out lover-boys. I have noticed this with our boy Paddington since getting him fixed. He is by far the most affectionate of our cats (and considering these are former feral kittens, it is AMAZING). Again, it varies from cat to cat, but based on my anecdotal research (friends, husband) fixed boys (on the whole - there are always exceptions!) make great, lovable companions. (But my girl kitten is awesome as well!)
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I have a male 5 1/2 years and a female 2 years. Midnight, my boy is a very loving kitty. He has never been bad in any way. He won't touch anything but cat food and doesn't claw anything up or spray. Maui, on the other hand, she is crazy cat. Very loving but chews cords and claws furniture. I guess it really depends. She only comes to me when she feels like and no matter how many times I push her away she wants to be where she wants to be. Midnight comes when I call him and sits on me and is just very loving. It's hard to say. I love both my kitties, but they have very different personalities.
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I don't think sex really matters when they are altered. Females can also spray.

My 3 were altered at 10 weeks, before I got them, none of them have sprayed. My girl is more of a lap cat than both the boys, but overall not much difference between the sexes.
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Yeah, I have to agree with many of the folks above -- having had MANY a cat both growing up and now currently my own, I've always found the male cats to be much more chilled out and affectionate. Not that females can't be totally lovely, but when I think about the friendliest, most loving cats we ever had, all of them are male.

And if the cat is neutered by around 6 months, and doesn't interact with spraying males, there's really very little likelihood that he'll spray. However, being around other males who spray can sometimes induce an altered male to spray as well (or at least it's happened to me). So if you've got a bunch of toms roaming around outdoors, you may want to try to encourage them to go elsewhere.
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I had male and female cats growing up, but I only have males now. We prefer them because they're so lovey/snuggly and social. Female cats I had growing up were more moody and independent. They've all been neutered by 6 months of age and we've never had an issue with our boys spraying or urinating outside of the box.
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If the male kitten is neutered young before he knows he's a boy and is spraying, you rarely have any problems with that.

Personally I will take a male over a female in any breed or mixed breed. All my males have been much nicer, friendlier, and more accepting of other cats then any of my females.

We have a male and female now, next spring I'll be getting another male.
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Coco my Girl is teh Nicest Cat you can ever have. She has never been moody or anything. Her son Midnight is just like her. Stormy Cocos Girl I lost last Dec was very moody. I know Color shouldnt make a differance but all the Calicos I ever had except Butterscotch were moody. Oreo and Coco my 2 Black and White Girls are the Nicest Cats. My Frisky was another real good Cat but I lost him to Male Blockage at age 1.5 years old.
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