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Getting Worried...

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I am in desperate need of some advice.
My kitty (Pepper) is due to deliver her babies anytime and about a little more than a week ago, she started having a clear-white discharge (no odor). Her discharge has recently gotten kind of bloody looking and she still has not delivered. I can see her babies moving like crazy and she is HUGE!!!!! She looks as is has a mini basketball in her belly. She does not act as if she is in pain or uncomfortable, just extremely affectionate. Her "bottom is quite nasty looking as she is to round to reach it. I have been trying to keep it clean for her. The bloody discharge does not have any odor to it, just dripping from her "bottom".
Is this normal? Is she ready to deliver? How much longer do you think it will be? She is a first and ONLY first time mom and I really want to be with her in case something goes wrong. HELP!!!

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It is normal to do that. Some Cats leak for over a week
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Originally Posted by mews2much View Post
It is normal to do that. Some Cats leak for over a week

From what I have learned (I'm new at this too) it's normal, as long as it isn't heavy bleeding.

I would say that your kitty is about to deliver. Salem (my Momma cat) got really affectionate towards me too, just before she went into labor. Is your cat looking around for a place to have her babies, or is she digging around a lot in her nesting box??

Good luck, and try not to worry!

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I does not appear that she is searching for a nesting spot, she just lays on the bed that I have made for her.
She is also twitching her tail periodically at the "base" and it is like "froed" out there too, like a Halloween cat?????? Why is she doing this?
Thanks for any help I receive.
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Her belly has "creased" and her boobs are really full, I can even milk her and I have heard that this is difficult to do in cats.
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Michelle, I'd say she's getting close! Our foster had her kittens last night. I dont think her 'utters'' could've gotten any fuller! The biggest clue I knew it was time though... digging.

She dug to China! Almost literally, I took a picture of the holes she put in the box! The sheet and towel I had in there were totally useless... I never seen a cat dig that much

Good luck on your arrivals!
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