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How to catch feral mom and kitten?

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I saw a new feral kitten recently with its mother. I think that the mother might be the mother of the kitten I rescued last fall, but it's hard to tell because we have several solid black feral in the area. The kitten is probably at least 6 weeks old, I tried to corner it and catch it but it ran away.
I want to catch them both and TNR the mother, but I am not sure how best to do so. I can probably get a cat trap but only one... I am worried that if I catch the mother the kitten may run away and probably not survive without the mother's help.
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You can get the kitten and then use it to bait a trap for the momma kitty.

Drop traps worked INSANELY well for my two ferals.
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Outside of my office I've observed a mother with three 4-5 week old kittens in an old restaurant dumpster enclosure. I don't have a drop trap, but I do have regular Tomahawk traps and a net.

I've gotten a close enough look at the kittens to see that their eyes are still bluish, so I'm thinking that while they may soon if not already be able to start eating solid food their primary source of nutrition is Dear Old Mom. She, on the other hand, will be quite ravenous, as she is trying to maintain her own nutrient levels while also feeding her kittens.

My plan is to set a trap for her. Once she's in the trap and the kittens get hungry, they will attempt to reach her to nurse--that's when I'll capture them, possibly using the net (I'll try a hand capture first--less traumatic).

I already have a large dog crate waiting for them. They'll live there while the kittens are being weaned. Since the kittens are quite young they should be easily socialized, and Mom can be evaluated--after a few weeks she can also be spayed (don't want to do that now--aggressively nursing kittens can open an incision, and very few vets in the US do "flank spays").

I'll let you know how it goes....
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By the time I was able to return to the site someone had broken into the enclosure. Who knows why that was done, but the cat and her kittens were gone....
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The cat and kittens were there; we just placed the trap incorrectly. Unfortunately they were disturbed and the mother moved her kittens to an unknown location....
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mom cats move their base of operations often when they have kittens. but keep putting the trap out, she is familiar with the area and most likely will be back. don't give up!
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